There are three civilizations that have influenced the way we

There are three civilizations that have influenced the way we, as Americans, live today. These three civilizations would the Mesopotamian culture, the Egyptians, and the Greeks. These three civilizations were mostly alike due to their ways of ruling and culture, but they still differed in many other ways as well. During these times the people had numerous ways of living, ways of passing time, and ways that they constructed burials. The three civilizations have greatly influenced Americans today in more ways than one could imagine.
Looking at the ways in ruling, the first two civilizations, being Mesopotamian and Egypt, were quite alike. Rulers of Egypt were called Pharaohs, and Mesopotamia had a class system wherein the highest class were the rulers just as in Egypt and even in Greece. All of the civilizations had their own Gods they answered to and some were very similar to each other. But as for Egypt, they believed that their Pharaoh was their God on Earth. In Mesopotamia, besides the ruling families, the high class also included leading officials and high priest. The small middle class had merchants, artisans, and lower priests. But the majority of the people were at the bottom and they were the peasant farmers. As for Greece, which was one of the most powerful civilizations at the time, had their government evolved from a monarchy into an aristocracy. A monarchy is when a king or queen exercises central power (Adler and Pouwels, 2018, p.98). In Greece, the government was headed by a privileged minority or upper class, which ruled his or her own city-states. Though in Mesopotamia, which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, they interestingly came to start some sort of democracy. They came together to solve any form of rising questions and problems by public assemblies and voting unlike the Egyptians. In early Egypt, they had a different concept of political structure compared to that of Mesopotamia. In Egypt everything was left up to the Pharaoh and there were not any debates or public discussions. Everything in Egypt was the idea of whatever the Pharaoh says goes. However, the social structure in Egypt was similar to the social structure of Mesopotamia. On the top of the social pyramid was the Pharaoh and on the very bottom were soldiers, farmers and tomb builders.
In each civilization their ways of living were different. The daily life of Mesopotamia was seen as very boring. The Mesopotamia people only worked and worshiped their gods. Agriculture was the main industry that people engaged in and the tools the people used to work in the field with were made of stone. These things show that there was not much progressions had been made in innovations that could make their everyday life easier like the Egyptians. For example, the Egyptians found new ways of building using new tools like the catapult devise that was used to lift huge stones to form their pyramids. In Egypt, agriculture was the main occupation for Egyptians just like the Mesopotamians. The Egyptians were also great at building. The Egyptian pyramids were built throughout age and the pyramids remain one the wonders of the world. The pyramids were built for their Pharaohs for their burial sites when they die, whereas the Mesopotamians buried their dead in small huts that were built from mammoth bones. The Greeks also accomplished a lot in their culture, although they were not known for building like they were for theater plays and their philosophy. With this the Greeks created the best-known culture at the time. They spent less time building temples and more time in the theater, and there were many theaters built all over the Greek world.
The experiences of each civilization of the Mesopotamian, the Egyptians, and the Greeks were very different because of location where each lived, the culture they were accustomed to and their ways of ruling, yet with being similar in many aspects. We have taken many of the influences around us from past civilizations and ways of life from other civilizations and improved them and made them our own. And it is seen that through our culture and ways of living are similar to that of these three civilizations.