This subject is teach us about grammar

This subject is teach us about grammar,essay writing,
comprehension,vocabulary skills.Ensure that we will have a good English skills after we finish this course.
This subject is mainly focus of the student communication skills,we have many kind of the presentation in this course,it is a great course to train student having a good communication skills and it is very helpful in the future.
This subject is teach us about the marketing knowledge,
understand clearly the market situation ,applying the marketing strategies to execute the conception,promotion,distributing
and promotion effectively.
This subject is teach us about business knowledge,understand nowadays consumers they will need what demand ,applying the business knowledge on the business,ensure that business will run smoothly.
This subject is teach us about management knowledge,we will learnt how to manage the employees,make sure the employees will accomplish the task which is delegated from the leader,make sure the task will accomplish effectively and efficiently.