Unit 4 Business communication Tutor

Unit 4
Business communication
Tutor: Claire Torrington
By: Michael Kyeremeh
In this assignment I will that I am able to:
Understand different types of business information.

Present businesses information efficiently.

Understand the issue and constraints in relation to use of business information in organisation.

Know how to communication business information using appropriate methods.
I will also refer to business information used in Asos. I will explain different types of business information, their source and purposes. I will also analyse different types of business information and their sources. Lastly I will evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions.

Type of information example description purpose source Appropriate audience
verbal -face to face.

-phone call Face to face= physical conversation
Phone call= dial number and talk by phone This is done to provide accurate direct info to target audience. manager staff
written -letter
-postcards Letter= write a letter
Postcard= write a postcard This is done to send quick info on a tangible platform. staff colleague
On-screen -email
-text message Email= send an email
Text message
= send a text massage via phone This is done to send immediate info to target audience. manager IT department
multimedia -video
-audio clips -video= send a video via phone.

Audio clip= send audio clip via phone This is done to allow audience to have a hearable source of info. advertisement team potential customers
Web-based -email
-video conferencing
(skype) email= send an email via Gmail, outlook etc. This uses a web that connects multiple audiences for quick and efficient communication. business board shareholders

Asos may use electronic methods such as: Fax – uses the public telephone system as a way of delivering documents from one location to another location or department, for situations where a hard copy is not necessary. This can be used for Asos communication. Email is the primary means for delivering short text messages within an organisation that are networked. Email provides many cost advantages when compared to with the use of paper and telephone. This can be used for staff to staff, staff to customer and customer to staff communication. Telephone/mobiles- phone are universal and, with the advantage of voice mail and mobile phones, it is now possible to reach people practically anywhere. This can be used for staff to staff communication, it to managers department to other departments, customers to customer service and board to managers. Video conferencing- video conferencing uses phone lines to transmit video as well as sound, between two or more groups. Because cameras, microphones, audios playbacks and special software are required, video conferencing used only infrequently and on specially- provided workstation. However, as network becomes more powerful and machinery becomes less expensive it’s likely that this will eventually be available to everyone. This can be used for staff to staff communication. Intranet- an intranet sues the same technology as the internet, but operates within the confines of a single organisation like Asos. normally an intranet is used to deliver text and images. Information is much less expensive to distribute and maintain with and intranet than with paper copies. This can be used for staff to staff communication.

Non electronic
Some of the methods used as communication in asos without electronic devices are face to face: this occurs when one person or group within asos physically approach another either internal or external. This form of communication offers a very clear faultless message and has the advantages of body language and facial expression. On the other hand, it takes allot more effort than any of the electronic methods and takes more time. internally its completely free but externally you may you may have to pay for fuel or transport. Asos can use this for staff to staff communication and local asos team members. written: letters memorandum fax letters are highly used within all businesses. Letters are not difficult to produce and do not require a lot of tome to produce. They are trusted methods of communication as they provide written record which can be used in dispute. Within a Asos letters can be used to contract customer and can also be used to contract other members of staff or management. For example, a letter would be written to the manager by employee’s when they decide to resign from their current position. letters are suitable to be used within businesses as the writing is very formal and the format of the letter is very well structured. This gives off good messages about the company and will a good and will make a good impressing of the business. Memorandums are used in businesses for proportionality shorter messages between members of staff. Memorandums are used in much less structured and less formal then letters, they can include bullet points. A memorandum can be when notifying another member of staff, a task they need to complete. Memorials are suitable for communication between members of staff as they are short and get straight to the point. Memorandums are suitable for communication between managers to staff, staff to managers and board to managers.

Written communication means communication via letters either hand written or printed. Advantages of written communication is that its more accurate and its physical way of communication meaning that it can be kept as a record or be passed around. This applies to asos because asos has to make sure that their terms and policies for sectors such as the refund and deliveries are very clear to avoid confusion. Written is convenient for this scenario because its not hard to make no mistakes. Another way this benefits asos is that when the form of written communication is used, there is a physical record so it can be referred to and it will decrease the amount of miscommunication between staff and customers and customers can also refer bac to these communications.