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Table `of Contents

Chapter One 1
1.0. Introduction 1
1.1 Thinking 1
1.2 Mind………………………………………………………………………………………..2
1.2.1 Images of mind 4
1.2.2 Doing the impossible 6
1.3 Reading and understanding 6
1.4 Money 6
1.5 Wealth and happiness 9
Chapter Two 13
2.0 Quantum Physics 13
Chapter Three 15
3.0 Time 15
3.1 Definition of time 15
Chapter Four 18
4.0 Goals 18
Chapter Five 25
5.0 Being 25
Chapter Six 27
6.0 Acting 27
Chapter Seven 29
7.0 Certainty 29
Chapter Eight 31
8.0 Cause and Effect 31
Chapter Nine 33
9.0 Conditions 33
Chapter Ten 35
10.0 Success 35
Chapter Eleven 37
11.0 Want 37
Chapter Twelve 39
12.0 Purpose 39
Chapter Thirteen 41
13.0 Giving 41
Chapter Fourteen 43
14.0 Gratitude 43
Chapter Fifteen 44
15.0 Consciousness 44
15.1 Knowledge 46
Chapter Sixteen 48
16.0 Self 48
Chapter Seventeen 54
17.0 One 54
Chapter Eighteen 56
18.0 Abundance 56
Chapter Nineteen 58
19.0 Taxes and government. 58
19.1 Assets and Liabilities 59
19.2 Luxurious Life 60
References 64

Chapter One
1.0. Introduction
This book would be handy to anybody who has interest in wealth creation. Many people tend to think that wealth is necessarily cash money which is quite contrary because a person can be wealthy in terms of the value of his resources but does not possess any cash money. Wealth can therefore be defined as the acquisition of assets and properties that are in surplus to the requirement for survival. According to Wattles W.D. (1910), there is a science of getting rich just like algebra or arithmetic and there are laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, which guarantee getting rich with mathematical certainty if learned and obeyed by anyone.
1.1 Thinking
Just as life is images of the mind expressed, life is also thoughts of the mind expressed and this implies that life is the mind expressed. Peoples’ external reality is the densest part of their minds, without any separation. The outer world is the densest part of us; it is an extension of our minds. When we finally stop believing in the illusion of separation, our power will rise dramatically. But even now, change mind to change world. Thoughts are like flames as mall flames produce small heat and big flames make an inferno. Thought is the first principle of getting rich and in Wattle’s (1910), own words “A human being is a thinking centre and can originate thought. All the forms that a person fashions with his hands must first emerge from his thought. He cannot shape a thing until he has thought that thought”. Thought is therefore the starting point of all creation. Your thoughts lead to your feelings which in turn lead to feelings that cause actions which eventually yield results. Many people think that they understand this principle, but they turn a blind eye without realizing that they are holding their current results in mind. If you want new results, you must start to think them first. Start by choosing the thought or intention you want to hold in mind. This intention must be embedded in your subconscious mind by setting five minutes aside every day to affirm and think these new thoughts
People who own property and money do things in a certain way, and become rich and those who do not things in that certain way remain poor under all circumstances and this is the law of getting rich. In order to do things in a certain way, people must be able to think in a certain way because a man’s way of doing things is the direct result of the way he thinks about things. The first step to acquire wealth is the ability to acquire to think the way you want to think. To think the way you want to think is to think truth regardless of appearances and it is laborious and requires more than any other work man is called upon to perform. There is no labour from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought. This is especially true when truth is contrary to appearances. Every appearance in the visible world tends to produce a corresponding form in the mind, which observes it. This can only be prevented by holding the thought of truth as a thought produces the thing that is imaged by thought. Holding thought of truth means to hold in your mind the results you want, regardless of what appearances are indicating in your outer world right now. An example is to hold the thought of Sh. 10,000 in your bank account when you only have Sh. 100 in your account and you are deep in debt; to hold the thought of health and well being when you are sick and in the hospital ward; to hold the thought of love and rich relationships when you are single and alone in the house. Fix your attention to the best and you will receive the best. Keep your eyes on the ball when playing golf and you shall definitely hit it. Anyone can do this when they start working with the powers of mind.
1.2 Mind
A few people are able to perform what many people would call miracles simply by thinking only one way and strongly about a thing. The idea that the outcome of their intention may not happen as they wish it to happen does not even occur to them for a split moment. Suffering is always the result of an error in thinking as it is an indication of being out of harmony with the laws of the universe. The only purpose behind the existence of suffering is to show a person when a thought is in error and alert them of the existence of a higher thought that would serve them better. Suffering stops as soon as that higher way is found, that is higher thought. In the presence of suffering, try not to resist but examine with an open mind, and the answer will always show itself without fail. Concentration gives thoughts more power and speed in achieving goals. Repetition breeds integration and internalization. To attain wisdom, read this material repeatedly and think in the right way over and over again. Through repetition, things are embedded into sub consciousness.
Ask the right questions, believingly and earnestly. Be specific and do not keep changing mind. All thoughts count and produce results. Changing mind all the time ‘confuses’ the universe. Imagine walking into a travel agency and saying, ‘I wish to travel’. Then look at the agent blankly. He would be ready to make reservation, but he cannot do it until told where the traveler wishes to go. Imagine you now say, ‘Well, I would like to go to Mombasa and Kisumu, at the same time’. Again, the agent cannot fulfill that request. Now imagine you say, “Book me to Malindi”. No, wait, Nairobi, Machakos. No, wait; I am not sure I can afford it. This is how many people think all day and the universe is ‘confused’ by their thoughts, just like the travel agent is, and it therefore produces ‘confused’ results for them.
The most amazing thing about life, as many have discovered, is that the act of creation is very much an act of realizing that something was already there. A person is able to experience what is already there through choice, and that choice is made increasingly possible by increases in their understanding and perception of life. Choose future outcomes by intentions and desires, but accept all present moments. Present moments are the perfect outcome of past thoughts, states and actions. Resisting and cursing the present only perpetuates its nature. Speak and ask questions, expecting answers. A person who asks a question is a fool for only a few minutes but one who does not ask any question remains a fool forever. Learn to distinguish between genuine feelings and thoughts or emotions that mask themselves as feelings. When we intend to do something, let it be on mind and have no alternations or preferences but practice detachment in the moment of now.
Live as if death is coming tomorrow but learn as if there is no death for ever. Never stop learning as continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field. Observe and affirm the truth, and the truth will set you free. If somebody is broke, it should be said so, then the errors that caused it should be analyzed. If sales have dropped, it is not because marketing is wrong but it could be as a result of negative attitude to the business. Present results are the effects of previous thoughts. In other words, when we look at the world today, we are actually looking at ourselves as we were yesterday. The world at any present moment of now reflects our thoughts and state of being before the present moment now. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.
If a person wishes to have a massive new house, have it in the mind first in exactness and detail. Try to avoid reading or watching bad news as much as possible. Even if it is good for business, bad news creates bad images that interfere with good vision and is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today’s thoughts affect some things today, but some of the more ‘solid’ things in reality today are the result of many days of past thoughts. Depending on the subject matter, focus and certainty, thoughts take varying amounts of ‘time’ to manifest physically. What has become physical can be changed by thought, but it is a lot harder than making physical what is not already physical. Praying ceaselessly should be avoided. Asking is not begging as we do not beg the source, for it is already given to us even before we ask. Begging and wanting simply give us a lack of that which we beg and want. Get rid of the idea that prayer is the same as begging God for a favour, as God chooses whether or not to grant it.
1.2.1 Images of mind
Imagination is a basic ingredient and an integral part of becoming wealthy. Mind’s images are literally the blueprint from which the world is built. Life is images of the mind, expressed and this means that life, the source, uses thoughts and mental images, as the instructions by which to create reality in the material world. Life expresses mental images into physical reality. To express is to make known, to state, articulate, communicate or convey.
Imagination is the force that takes people to places they have never been to. Napoleon Hill said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known. Life is imagination, images of the mind, expressed into physical form. Imagination should be fed daily and accurately with pictures, movies, and concentration as life uses it to know what to create next. Most people spend little time imagining as they imagine using idle thought, haphazardly, and wonder why their life is not rich for them. Imagination has the power to make or break life and according to Einstein A, imagination is more important than knowledge as it leads to discoveries and inventions.
The source, God, works perfectly, giving people exactly what they envision and think about. It is therefore important that people have crystal-clear images and thoughts, consistently. Many people wish to have nice cars but the mistake they make is to have ‘get nice cars’ as their goal. There is physically no such car called nice car. Envision the exact car, its make, model and color. Go to the car yard or look it up on the internet and know exactly what a nice car is. Then envision that every day; the more it is thought about, the closer it gets. This is the effective way to image. If you wish to travel to another country for a dream holiday, go to the travel agency and get all the details from them, get the brochures, flight itinerary, prices and hotel reservations. Build up the whole trip, exactly, in your mind in full colour and spectacle. Everything that we do and experience is an expression of our images, our imagination, and our thoughts. We should work on our images because to change life, we must change imagination and thoughts. The life that people are living is the life that they have imagined.
Have many reasons to live and be wealthy. The more reasons we have, the more wealth we will get into. Instead of having paid bills as the only reason to get wealthy, have reasons such as travel, collect art, buy homes, have beautiful clothes, express love to others with gifts, treat friends and family to some good things, buy a boat, save the environment, and so on. The more reasons we have, the more powerful our imagination, and the faster our results would be. We should surround ourselves with images of things we like. Get brochures and magazines of vehicles, homes, places, things, bodies, sports and activities that we like. The clearer the images of our visions are the clearer and faster we can achieve them.
One of the most important tools in developing the powers of your mind is your will. Developing and harvesting your mind intentionally is one of the greatest skills you can learn in lifetime to become a deliberate creator. To set about getting rich in a scientific way, you do not try to apply your will power to anything outside of yourself but you only need to use your will power upon yourself. Dream big, hold the dream high enough, consistently enough, and the dream must manifest into form, by law. It is all taken care of as long as we do our part of thinking, acting, speaking and being in accordance to that dream. Just dream, visualize, and then start doing something. We should do the next thing that we feel we should do in accordance to that dream, and keep on moving. The little that we do triggers something else we had not foreseen and on and on this goes until it completes. We should dedicate at least 30 minutes of each day focusing only on visualizing and imagining as visualization creates a new subconscious. Visualize your wildest dreams and fantasies. Live large and back it up with faith, belief and certainty. Thoughts are things and they are powerful things when mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material things.
The secret of the knowledge essential for self-determination are:
i. Desire to do something
ii. Making use of opportunity
iii. Capacity to know what you want and have the determination to stand by that desire until it is realized
iv. Initiative, faith and the will to win persistence
Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ship and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, which is essential to success.
1.2.2 Doing the impossible
We should get excited about our images and energize them with positive emotion as emotions are energy in motion and gratitude is one of the most powerful of these emotions. We should infuse every cell of our body with our images. We should infuse every cell with the gratitude that we have already realized our goals, even if we are not experiencing it now. We have received it automatically by the perfect laws of the universe.
1.3 Reading and understanding
It would necessary to read this book fully and as reading continues, so many questions will arise and some things may not make sense but there would be need to read them again. Do not just read it but study it as if your life wholly depended on it as language is a linear thing contrary to wealth consciousness which is wholeness. In the second reading, more understanding of things may occur as repetition creates internalization. What is understood today will reveal an even deeper hidden truth, application and identification when read again later. It would be advisable to read a small part of this book every day and after finishing it the first time, internalization of wealth and happiness and becoming wealthy and happy will accelerate.
Internalization and creation of a reading culture enables one to acquire new knowledge to keep pace with the rapid global changes currently taking place. Anybody left behind in updating himself with the current issues concerning general development trends would not survive comfortably and have competitive advantage in whatever area of operation where competitive forces are important for survival as the current society is more informed of their expectations than before. The current customers know the results they expect from the product and service providers and they would not hesitate to easily abandon those who cannot meet and go beyond their expectations in favour of those who meet and go beyond their expectations. Getting and maintaining clientele base is an essential ingredient for the survival of any undertaking for economic or social activities. Understanding the needs of customers to secure a repeat business is essential to the expansion of all undertakings; be it for social or economic gain.
1.4 Money
The second step to having wealth is to know how riches come to you. It should be taught in schools and companies because it bears great importance to earning money. Money is simply a legal tender and a form of exchange that is used to exchange value. It is the physical representation of value that rises and falls in ourselves and within us because it is people who place value to the material things. The material things have no ‘money’ value in themselves as people give that value to them. Money is the external physical representation of a particular section of our internal value and that is why a house or shares value falls when fear is introduced into the hearts of those involved. The fear kills a portion of the internal values of the people and that is reflected by the paper money which is simply the ‘body’ of value. Lack of money is never a problem but it is merely a symptom of what is going on underneath. Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. There is a common saying that what you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember and what you practice, you understand.
You cannot give a person more in cash value than you take from him, but you can give him more in use value than the cash value of the thing you take from him. The meaning of this is that if you have some money to spend, before you spend it, ensure that you would get more in return for the money to be spent. In employment, the person paying you some money wants more in return than the money you are paid because of his expectation on return in investment. It is therefore implied that if you want to get paid more, you must provide more use value. Do this and money will follow you. Use value is defined by what is useful for the person you serve. A good example here is when you lone playing hockey then you would prefer buying a hockey stick than tennis racket even if it is more expensive than hockey as it would less useful to you than the hockey stick. In that case the hockey stick would have a greater value to you than the tennis racket. If you want to earn more money, stop thinking about yourself and start helping others, Giving always precedes receiving, Act on that and money will always follow.
Physical paper money does not even represent money in full. The estimate is that a very small percentage of money in the banks and financial institutions exists as paper cash, as huge storage facilities would be required to keep it. It is just numbers written on papers and computer storage devices, and assigned to people and entities. Thus the initial stage to acquire wealth is to know the meaning of money and it is advisable that people should learn not to look for money most of the time. It cannot therefore be said that a wealthy person has a higher self-worth and value than a poor person, but it can correctly be said that in matters that relate and pertain to money, the wealthy person has a higher internal value and that internal value that reflects on the outside as money, when exercised, is called wealth consciousness.
Wealth consciousness is available to all people equally and can be developed by all people equally. Just like air is essential to human life, wealth consciousness is free to all and any person can choose to develop it at any time as nothing is required outside human beings to increase wealth consciousness and money. Always remember is that money is not real but a shadow of something else. Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of a person’s consciousness and awareness of their wealthy parts and that is why all that is needed to increase wealth consciousness is within every person and everybody is wealthy, but we have been taught to choose not to experience it.
The majority of people do not have the internal capacity to create and hold on to large amounts of money and the increased challenges that go with more money and success; and that is the main reason why they do not have money. The current wealthy people did not predict and plan the events that led to the huge wealth they accumulated over the years but they had sets of goals and plans to execute. The golf game is usually played by successful people simply because they have learnt to keep their eyes in their smart goals in the same way they have learnt to keep their eyes on the ball; and immediately wealth consciousness is attained, it is difficult not to have success and wealth as they will follow automatically. Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ship and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, which is essential to Success.
Every human being who reaches the age of understanding the purpose of money wishes for it. Wishing alone will not bring the riches but desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession and planning definite ways and means to acquire riches and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches. The method by which desire for riches can be transmuted into financial equivalent must follow four definite, practical steps as enumerated below:
i. Fixing mind on the exact amount of money desired
ii. Writing a clear, concise statement of the amount of money to acquire and describing clearly the plan through which to accumulate it and beginning at once, whether you are ready or not to put this plan into action
iii. Determining exactly what you intend to give in return for the money desired as there is no such reality as something for nothing
Iv. Reading the written statement aloud, twice a day, once before retiring at night and after arising in the morning. Declaration not only sends a specific message to the universe but it also sends a powerful message to the subconscious mind.
1.5 Wealth and happiness
In order to create wealth and happiness, it would be necessary to understand the following issues:
i. Understand quantum physics which helps in knowing what artificial and natural resources are made of and the world will never be looked at in the same way again
ii. Understand the meaning of time due to the fact that time does not exist and stop being used by it as there is only now but not yesterday and tomorrow
iii. Learn how to create universe out of the quantum field using images of mind which is the first part of the creation lessons.
iv. Learn how to create things using thoughts which is the right way to think, and what the mind is really for, and when to shut it down to benefit.
v. Look at the power of true goal setting, in a way that might never had been heard of before which is the most powerful way.
vi. Know the most powerful creation tool of all, which is the state of being and the final creation tool, which is action.
vii. Learn the magic and vital ingredient of certainty, and learn how to have it in plenty.
viii. Look at the prime law of the universe and how to use it to create happiness and wealth in abundance which is called the law of cause and effect.
ix. Look at what conditions really are and always realize success and never fail.
x. Look at a prime killer of wealth and happiness which is lack of creativity and innovation and how to totally avoid it.
xi. Move progressively to larger things, starting with self-chosen purpose on earth.
xii. Inculcate the gift of giving and what it brings in return will always be fully given back
xiii. Have power of gratitude unveiled and that will prove to be extremely powerful
xiv. Look at consciousness and what makes it here, now.
xv. Get familiar with self and world will drastically change.
xvi. See what is larger than the self and know how to relate to all, that is the source and a position of immense joy and abundance of everything
xvii. Look at real nature and how to reclaim it, which is the nature of pure joy.
xviii. Come around full circle and see how to best handle paper money to increase wealth.
The essential nature of life is joy as joy is what life is made up of and vice-versa is called happiness. It is the natural state of all beings. Anything with life has joy as it is natural state. It is how we are born as children, with a natural ability to live life with carefree abandon and joy and the same laws of the universe that apply to wealth also apply to happiness. You may not be happy because of certain conditions, but certain conditions come into being because you are happy. Happy thoughts and images also result in happy external events and conditions. Remember to act as if you are happy, and to be grateful for all, even before you experience it and also remember to practice detachment.
The most important thing to remember is that the external world fashions itself to your internal world. If you are not happy with the external world, seek what it is internally that you are not happy with; then choose to be happy about it. Love yourself and the world will love you. Be happy with yourself and the world will be happy with you. Make the decision straight away to be happy with and love yourself. Happiness is a decision and therefore decide now to be in the state of happiness, and all other things will follow automatically. Happiness is a continuum of moments that are not resisted and if you resist a moment, you will not be happy with it. What you resist persists but what you accept and bring into your light reveals itself to you. Unconditional love, acceptance, detachment, and tolerance lead to happiness.
Sadness and joy are different grades of the same thing as they just appear to be different things. Hot and cold are actually just graduations of the same thing called temperature. When you express yourself and your desires, you have joy but when you do not, you have sadness. Follow your desires as it has been said that happiness comes from you and makes things happen for you. Balance your body, mind and soul as without a balance, you may become unhappy. Take care of your body; have fun with it; enjoy it; use it; exercise it; feed it well and rest it well when that time reaches. Continuously feed your mind with new knowledge; exercise it; and think properly and deliberately and rest it. Learn about your spirit; exercise it; meditate and get in contact with it. The lack of joy is the lack of expression of the soul.
Protect and nurture the environment and nature. Natural environmental conditions should not be exploited due to individual interests but sustainable conditions should be deployed to preserve them. Whether it is in your immediate surroundings or around the world, do your part, and do more. The health of your environment influences the health of yourself, which influences the joy of yourself. The beauty and comfort of your environment also influences your joy. The joy and harmony in all things that make up your environment influences your joy and harmony as there is a connection in everything.
Love, laughter, sharing, enthusiasm, optimism, and light-heartedness are things make a person happy. Choose to do these things and you will be happy and lead enjoyable life. When faced with an event, choose the response that will bring happiness and joy as happiness comes from creating instead of reacting. Happiness comes from truthful observation of what is within you and outside of you. It comes from being truthful to yourself and everything else outside you. If a person told you not to think of the red colour, you will definitely find yourself thinking of it. Whatever it is that you do not like about yourself, stop resisting it but instead, accept it, bring it into your light, love it, and look at it calmly with detachment. Smile with it and befriend it. It will then reveal its secrets to you and let go of you. But you must continuously choose to like yourself fully at all times. This means that you start thinking about the thoughts you have about yourself. Whenever you get a thought about yourself that is negative, end it instantly and go positive. Be deliberate in thought as you become what you think about most often. If you think unloving thoughts about yourself, you become an unloved person. Both you and other people will be unable to love you. Choose things well, for it is all within your power to the extent that you choose clearly, consistently, and believingly. If you consistently think you are ugly; unwanted; unable to do this or that, it will be so. You should feel to be most beautiful; competent and admired person in the world. The universe will conspire to make the powerful thoughts that you have of yourself to become true as the conditions to make them true will arise. Change your mind, and change your world and the universe.
There is an old saying that says ‘when you laugh, the world laughs with you, but when you cry, you cry alone’ and therefore stops crying and start laughing. Have enthusiasm and live with passion. Choose to do so and just do it. Start seeing how good things really are and you will have a joyful and happy life. Look at the light and you will never see the darkness again unless the light goes off. Change your mind and change the way think and see things. You can be looking at the same thing and see a happy picture instead of an unhappy one. See the good in everything and that is what happy people always do.
Invest in people relationships and your networking globally. It been proven statistically that happy people have healthy and happy relationships with friends and family. Love is a powerful force and therefore be friendly and you will make friends and have many fantastic relationships. Always remember that you need nothing outside yourself to be happy and therefore do not become a person that relies on others to be happy as that is an addiction and a falsehood, not to mention an unfair pressure placed on others that will only lead to eventual unhappiness. Love yourself, and recognize that your love for others must be unconditional and free. Stable, fair, free and loving relationships on all levels lead to happiness. Once you understand this statement deeply, you understand unconditional love, one that requires nothing in particular from others, and one that is not pressured to give anything in particular to others, and all that exists are gifts given and accepted cheerfully and naturally.
Love is not a bond but a freedom; a liberator but not a binder. It is a free expresser, not a limiter. In the presence of true love, things flourish as they are, perfect. Do not spend any time at all thinking about how unhappy you are or how this, that or the other makes you unhappy. Remember, you become what you think of most of the time. The less judgmental you are, the happier you become. The more forgiving you are, the happier you become. Happiness is a choice. People who understand this are able to face any situation with joy. Conditionality makes it harder for you to do this. To be happy, start to understand and practice unconditional love and freedom. Start to enjoy watching others grow as they choose to grow, not as you choose them to grow. Start to enjoy the unknown moment of the future, and stop clinging onto a past known moment. Start creating instead of reacting.
According to mother Teresa (1983), it is not how much you do but how much love you put into the doing and sharing with others that is important and try not to judge people, for if you judge others then you are not giving love. One of the best ways to become wealthy and happy is by practicing meditation every day. Meditation puts you in touch with your higher Self, and the teachings in this book become you, experientially, in every cell of your body. You no longer have to struggle to practice and remember them, for they are you. Whatever it is that you wish others to recognize and see in you, recognize it and see it in them. It is our choices and goals that make a thing right or wrong, good or bad, in the pursuit of that goal or choice. The more love you give away, the more of it you get in return.
Chapter Two
2.0 Quantum Physics
It may be a wonder what quantum physics has to do with wealth and happiness but it has everything to do with it. A house cannot be built if it is not known what it is made of and how it is constructed. Quantum Physics explains how world resources are made. People are in direct manipulation of the physical world but there is lack of awareness of that fact; how the physical matter comes about and their role in it makes life appear as an occurrence that is out of their control.
Quantum physics assists in understanding the very construction of all that is seen around the world. It is science finally catching up with spirituality and common sense, and explaining it. Anything is possible if there is belief and one of the benefits of understanding the very basics of quantum physics is that finally it can be seen clearly how powerful concepts such as faith and right thinking work, among other things. Thus seeing and understanding and knowing, enables people to have full confidence, eliminate doubt, create reality consciously, powerfully and beautifully, and in many ways become more powerful.
Quantum physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe. A human body is made up of cells and these cells are in made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made up of sub -atomic particles such as electrons. Knowing how work is done is a key to knowing how to re-create self and the world. Work is simply defined as force multiplied by distance. A human body is made of tissues and organs. Spirit and mind put together energy into the physical shape as seen by people. Quantum physics tells us that it is the act of observing an object that causes it to be there, where and how we observe it. Energy is the sub -atomic particles that in turn make up atoms and finally matter. This energy exists as waves spread out over space and time.
No solid object is solid as it is made up of rapidly flashing packets of energy usually billions and trillions of packets of energy. They flash in and flash out of that space where the ‘object’ is and do not just stay there. Think of a Television image. When watching a movie, a person is seen walking across the screen smoothly, yet in reality it is just a film reel with 24 slightly different frames a second, so the eyes do not detect the gap between the frames. Even each of those frames is a composition of billions of light photons flashing at the speed of light. That is why the world is a rapid flash that causes an illusion of being ‘solid’ and ‘continuous’. Once understood what the world is really, truly, that would be the start to understanding its true behavior and nature and change the view of it. When perception changes, it changes creation and this is the first step to wealth realization.
Imagine that the chair in the living room is one big sub-atomic particle. When there is nobody in the house and not thinking of the chair, it would ‘vanish’ and become a probability that it can re-appear anywhere in the living room. When back home and somebody thinks of sitting on a chair in a particular spot in the living room, and look for a chair at that spot wishing to sit, it will magically re-appear. This is not some fantasy magical story but a reality.
Scientists have discovered that even in the strictest double-blind experiments, their expectations still influence results and it is impossible to carry out an experiment where there is zero influence from the observer on the results of the experiment. There is no need to predict exactly how things will work out; all that is needed is desire, intention, and knowing it is possible, and it will be arranged to come. During a dream, consciousness is in another realm, world. All this will make more sense when it is understood what time is and how it works. We now know that the entire universe came from a small sub-atomic particle like existence. It has since been expanding at a rate faster than you can imagine such as oceans forming, worlds forming, and so on, all courtesy of quantum physics.
Many religions tell us that even before we ask it is given unto us. We are also told that everything that can possibly exist exists now. We also know that the universe splits itself, or rather creates the illusion of separation, so that one ‘piece’ can be the observed piece and the other ‘piece’ can be the observer piece, and so it knows itself. One splits itself so that it can know itself, have something to compare itself with, for when it is only one as there is nothing it can compare itself with to know what it is. You, your spirit or soul, in eternal exists across space and time. Now, the next decision you make will split the universe. You will be conscious to the part of the universe you choose. You will also exist in the other part that you did not choose, but you will not be ‘awake’ to it, even though its essence will still come to you and help you know that which you chose and vice versa. Other people who chose the other world you did not choose will be ‘awake’ there and not here in your world. You can see how free will works out all the time without conflicting itself, and how truth can be seemingly contradictory, yet all true.
Chapter Three
3.0 Time
The truth about time is that it does not exist. It is a funny thing as the biggest trick time ever played on people was to make us think it was real, and that they were under its full control. It is an illusion created by people and once it is understood how this illusion is created, then that is the beginning to re-create it as wished, consciously and deliberately instead of unconsciously and accidentally as may have been done.
3.1 Definition of time
According to Albert Einstein, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent and according to Tzu-Ch’eng, H.(2008), whether time is long or short, and whether space is broad or narrow, depend upon the mind. Those whose minds are at leisure can feel one day as a millennium, and those whose thoughts are expansive can perceive a small house to be as spacious as the universe.
Time flows in all directions, not forwards only as it appears to. The past, present and future exist simultaneously. It is the moving of people’s consciousness past pre-existing events in the space-time continuum. The field of life that we live in is not static as it keeps changing its dimensions. That is why we have to keep readjusting our watches worldwide all the time for it to make sense for us but only because we think of time as consistent slices of periods. It is merely misinterpretation of our consciousness moving by one pre-existing event in the field of life to the next event. The field of life is not static, nor does our consciousness move at a fixed speed. The field may not change that fast for us, and our consciousness may not change its rate that fast unless we allow it to do so, and that is why we do not usually notice these differences and see that time is not constant.
Time is more of a sensation of passing events and the faster or slower people pass these events, the faster or slower the calibration of time changes. It is not the taking of time that changes but the calibration of time. The outer world mirrors the inner world as people who feel short of time on the outside are short of it on the inside. They act, think, and speak believing they are short of time. Stop thinking and saying that there is not enough time and do not believe that at all. The universe has no shortage of anything including time, and neither do people. Believing in any sort of shortage makes consciousness smaller and slower so that what is believed may be experienced.
The present moment is the greatest gift a person can have, as it is perfectly created according to stated designs. These designs are stated by the thoughts, states of being, words, and actions that are held most true to people. The present allows people to experience, taste, review, and change their past thoughts, states of being, words and actions. What is resisted, judged, and condemned persists. What is embraced and brought to the light for non-judgmental, honest and clear examination reveal the lessons being looked for.
Everything changes, and using memory keeps people from seeing that change, seeing things as they truly are. Try to ‘forget’ everything about what people are looking at, and a whole new world will be discovered, and people will grow a whole lot faster, grow their wealth and self a whole lot quicker. It is quite often that a stranger will complement a workmate or spouse over something that has been totally missed every day because of not looking at them as if they were totally new. Memory has its place, but many people overuse it, often in an unbeneficial way.
Decide right now to face every experience anew by choosing to forget that has been faced before. Decide not to anticipate a specific appearance or behavior, an anticipation based on memory and emotions. Practice detachment of outcome, but have certainty of choices and intention, and a world will be found that has been hiding all along, right in front of the eyes all along. Choose happiness, present moment living, and joy at all times. Thank the present moment for all it brings in enjoyable experiences and opportunities to see as before and to grow to an even greater self. Bring into the present moment, awareness, consciousness, thoughts and ‘looking’. Life and all opportunities to move forward are in the present, the ever-present moment of now, here.
According to Buddha (B.C. 568-488), do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future but concentrate the mind on the present moment. Be careful on how to set deadlines to be met. Time does not exist as an absolute. Quantum physics, our spirituality and our understanding of eternity all tell us that the only time that truly exists is now, and the only place is here. Making deadlines for achieving goals also introduces fear and doubt. On the other hand, saying ‘one day a person will be a millionaire or billionaire’ is not good at all; it is even worse. Instead, think of now as the only time. See it and know it to be the only real time. Jesus always said ‘soon’ when asked ‘when’ by anyone. Goals should be written in present tense but it is useless to write them that way if there is no thought about them in the present tense mode. According to Marcus Aurelius (121-180 A.D.), time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place and this too will be swept away.
According to Einstein, A. (1930) when seated with a beautiful girl for two hours, time moves faster and it can be thought of as ten minutes but when seated on a hot stove for a minute, the time moves too slowly and may be thought of as two hours, which is relativity. Never believe in time as something separate from human beings that people have to go through as it dictates. If time is not taken to understand time, it will rule thinking, planning, belief system, and experiences. Time is not a straight line that people have to walk through. You know exactly what time each event in your future will take place; exactly what you need now to make it take place but your future is not fixed. It changes with every choice you make. Whatever choice you make, it knows the series of events after that and if you wish to get to a certain point in your life in future, it knows how to get there exactly, step by step.
There is an old saying that says ‘when spirit commands, the universe obeys’. To spirit, everything is instant, for it is all over the ‘field’ at the same time. A big reason that you experience non-instantaneous gratification of your wishes is because you may not be listening to spirit. The main reason that things seem to take time to become from when you wish them to be when you experience them is that you may not be listening to spirit. If you were aware of what spirit is choosing at every stage, and you know this through intuition and feelings, you would choose the same, and as soon as you choose, you would find that what you chose has popped right in your face, ready to be experienced. Your spirit has everything instantaneously. There are no delays between choice and having but your consciousness usually experiences a delay. That delay is caused by differences in choice between what your egos, your personality here on earth, choices, and what you choose.
An easy way to see how time is largely a creation of the mind is by looking at the past and an imaginary future but living out now, is to look at a sleep. When you go to sleep, you can ‘clock’ 8 hours of sleep, yet when you wake up it feels like you spent no time at all. It feels like you just went to sleep a moment ago. You do not feel as if you have gone through 8 hours like those that you do during the day when you are awake and carrying out some serious work.

Chapter Four
4.0 Goals
There is a certain way in which goals are created. Goals are supposed to get people thinking in the right way to wealth. Goals focus thoughts; format them in the right way for the universe, and keep images consistent and non-random. Setting goals is well enough, but setting goals correctly is tremendously powerful. Our goals are the prophecies of what we shall one day become. If we do not know where we are going, we will end up exactly there (where?-where we do not know). People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail. If we have no specific goals, we will get no specific results. Remember, the source takes our thoughts and images of our minds, and manifests them into our realities. Goals are planned thoughts, directed thoughts and without planned and directed thought, our lives will be unplanned and undirected, seemingly haphazard and seemingly unreliable.
We should know where we are going and how to get there. Our ideas, visions and dreams, whatever they may be, are the prophecies of what we shall one day become and achieve. Vision coupled with desire causes realty. We can predict our outer life tomorrow by looking at our inner self today. We can change our tomorrow by changing our inner self today. A twenty-year study involving students in a certain university in Kenya traced the lives of one graduating class. 3% of that class had their own written goals at the start of the study. By the end of the 20 years, that 3% who started with written goals and plans were worth more financially stable than the other 97% combined. They also reported more satisfaction and joy with their lives.
The visionaries and dreamers of the world are the saviors and driving force behind it. These are the inventors, artists, philosophers, educators, sages, business people, designers, scientists, good leaders, engineers, surveyors and anyone who dreams big creates. The world lives in their ideas and ways and it cannot let their ideas die fruitlessly. The world is beautiful because of the dreamers and visionaries. The world and the universe as a whole are in full support of these dreams, if only the dreamers were to believe this and act that way. The universe, the world, the source- God, is friendly and supportive of our dreams and aspirations. Simply have a vision, believe in that vision, and success will be achieved without fail.
Conformity can be our worst enemy. If we do what the crowd does, we will get what the crowd gets. Every day, people get up in the morning; go to work like everyone else, and do things like everyone else. They just work hard all day because everyone else does, and their reason for working is that they wish to pay their bills and provide for themselves and their families. If a person, who is 30 years old, is working hard like everyone else, like the rest of the crowd, and that is all he does, then we can easily tell, roughly, where he will be in life when he turns 50 by looking at the 50 years old crowd today. Most 50 year olds today are either not financially independent or wealthy. If you want to reach a goal, then you must see yourself reaching it in your mind before you actually arrive at your goal. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.
To get something better than what the crowd gets, we have to do one thing different and that is to have specific goals, reasons, visions, and wealth consciousness. Becoming wealthy depends on how early, strongly, accurately, and believingly we start our goal setting, envisioning, and wealth-consciousness building. Wealth consciousness as a whole is the key and goal setting in the right way is the road map. There is a mistake some people make when they achieve their goals which take them back down. The best way to understand this mistake is to illustrate it. Let us say that somebody has a goal of having a million shillings in his bank account soon, and now he has four thousand shillings in the account. So, he does all the right things, set his goals, visualize, get certain, act and do all that. He keeps his vision of that million high and achieves it. When that account shows one million shillings, he gets happy, of course, and then he starts the mistake of maintaining the precious old goal, worrying when it drops below his goal level. He switches his sight from that of an unachieved higher goal and starts looking at the achieved past goal and starts living in the past, trying to maintain the past and starts worrying, and it goes on like that until that million is lost. The high jump game is another good illustration of setting a higher goal after achieving the initial goal. In this game the height to be jumped over is set a lower height and increased after competitors have jumped over until the final winner is found. Even after getting the winner, the height would be increased until the highest height the winner can jump over is reached, is when the game ends. Set your goals high and do not stop until you get there. The highest parts of working up the ladder is fighting through the crowd at the bottom and therefore aim at the top as there is plenty of room up there. There are so few people at the top and it is almost lonely there and chances of success are plenty.
Always set goals higher than the present reality. This does not mean that we should never get satisfied with our achievements. It does not mean that we should become greedy but we should enjoy every day without worry. We should not worry about maintaining that million that we have just made but instead, make the million, enjoy making it and having it. When we reach that million mark, we should not start worrying about keeping it but set a new higher goal and have our eyes on that new goal and enjoy our old successes without a worry of maintaining them. Plan, set, and visualize goals and keep them beyond the comfort zone. If we achieve all our goals and fail to create new bigger ones, we stop to grow, even though it may feel comfortable. Most people start getting the symptoms and diseases associated with old age within a few months of retirement. Through retirement, they signal to their brains and body that life is now wrapping up and coming to an end; society does not require their services any longer, and certain functions can now start to switch off. Retirement is not the problem but the signals that people send to their brains. As you move towards your goal, your goal moves towards you. When you stop moving, your goal stops moving too. You stop attracting your goal when you stop thinking and acting in a certain way.
Goals do not have to be about money and career as there are countless of worthy things to set goals on all over the world that have nothing to do with making money or a career; from personal goals such as sports, travel and hobbies, to global goals such as poverty reduction, environmental and charity work. Do not live by accident or by default but live by design. Design life using goals, visualization, imagination, and plans but they should be done consistently, daily, clearly, accurately, and with details. It is not enough to set goals but they must also be set in a certain way, a right way that is most friendly to the universal laws as follows:
i. List the goals between now and the next 30 years whether small or large such as places to visit, things to have, residences, experiences, partners, skills to acquire, things to do, people to meet, projects, charities, health, habits etc. This is not a list of things to be achieved but a list of what would give the most incredible life of liking, whether they can be achieved or not. The list should have at least 100 things for 30 years. To be very wealthy, have about 5,000 things including small details regarding desires.
ii. For each goal listed, write the reasons why it should be achieved. If for wish is nave to have a mansion, the reasons should be written down. What you will be done with and in that home. Reasons empower the goal and make it easier to imagine and visualize and attain it and give life to it and make the subconscious accept it.
iii. Get cuttings from magazines, brochures, the Internet, photographs, etc, of the items in the goals and stick them in the journal. Start a goals and visualizations journal on paper or computer and place pictures of the things like cars, stocks, buildings, boats, land, travel, clothes, or anything else. The more real and detailed the visualization and imaginations are the faster and more accurately the goals will be realized.
iv. The list should be read every day and at least 20 minutes should be spent twice a day imagining, animating, and visualizing the goals.
v. Every act is an act of self-definition and creation. Act deliberately and with awareness so that each act closes the gap between the goals and act with purpose.
vi. Do everything with gratitude. Think, speak and act with gratitude, the gratitude of knowing and aiming at guaranteed success. Gratitude is a statement of certainty. Be genuinely grateful and excited about the fact that the goals have been realized, for they will be by universal law, guaranteed, and so they are
vii. Enjoy fruits, enjoy experiencing goals when they manifest into the reality as they are assured to do so as guaranteed by universal law.
Ensure that the goals and visualization journal is portable. There is no point getting a journal that only stays at home. Important thoughts should also be recorded together with experiences, and conditions. A journal greatly helps to discover and create ideas. Problems encountered should also be recorded as suffering is an error in thinking. Writing down problems helps to evaluate them clearly and discover the error. Writing down feelings as well is also important because true feelings are communications from the soul, which is closest to the Source.
Dreams are not just useless images that come during sleep. People think of the time they are awake in the day as their ‘live’ time and when they sleep as their ‘rest’ time. They think that all their decisions and useful activities are done when they are awake. The amazing thing is that soul, or spirit never sleeps. It just changes states of consciousness, dimensions of consciousness. Waking up is one state or dimension, sleep and dreams is another, and there are many more. They all count and influence life in the waking state and vice -versa.
The journal’s arrangement should be as follows:
i. Have separate parts of the journal for different types of information.
ii. Make an index at the back.
iii. Use different colored pens.
iv. Stick tabs on pages you wish to mark
v. Invent any other system you like that ensures easy access to your information.
Review and re-read the journal at least once a month, preferably more often. Once a year, read all the relevant journals. Re-reading makes life to be seen in a completely new light all at one go. The whole point of keeping a journal is to review it for amazing opportunities to understand better, see more clearly, grow faster. In making entries in your journal, enter the exact dates, time and location.
Do not worry how the goals will be fulfilled. There are powerful forces at work in all nature, with infinite intelligence and coordination. Things, people, books, places, TV shows, movies, etc, will start appearing and help to achieve the goals. Thoughts that negate the goals should be shut down and the trick is in the details and in consistency. For example, if having a new home is a goal, then it should be written down in detail such as where the house is located, how many rooms it has, the size of the compound, the size of the home, the furnishings in it, and so on. If the aim is at nothing, then be sure nothing specific will be achieved. The wealthiest people have hundreds of goals and even thousands. Some have so many goals that it would take 200 or 300 years to have them all manifest. There should be aim at having at least five thousand goals and the following are important:
i. Goals are images of the mind, the stuff that the universe uses to create. So the more the goals, the more the universe to work with, and nothing is impossible or difficult for the Source.
ii. Goals have a tendency to ‘just come true’ in the most unexpected times and sequences. The more goals to be met, the richer the life experience will be when the goal is achieved, its power disappears and therefore the more goals, the better.
A person with one goal will achieve less than one with 100 goals. A person with a hundred goals will achieve less than one with 1000 goals. The fewer the goals implies fewer results that may be achieved. How could 5000 goals be arrived at? Think of details and of everything. List everything, even small things like ‘have lilies in the garden’, ‘decorate grandmother’s house, ‘fly in the concord’, ‘stay at the Lillian Towers’, ‘donate to the wildlife conservation fund’, ‘buy a BMW convertible, a jeep, a jet, a boat’, ‘have a salt water aquarium in the living room’, ‘get the father a golf set’, ‘buy books for orphaned children’, ‘take a trip to The Great Wall of China’, ‘meet these people’, ‘date these type of people’, ‘work with these type of people’, ‘buy these type of shoes’, ‘clothing from this designer’, ‘these type of chairs from this shop’, ‘these ski boots’, ‘see these places in these countries’, and so on. Life starts working magic, and has passion and excitement. Remember, wealth is abundance expressed. Again, wealth is abundance expressed, translated into physical, manifested. Abundance is all there is, it is the true nature, and the nature of Life.
When thinking of wealth, do not think only of money and business. Think of everything, ever to have, do, be or see in life and the lives of other beings, all life. In any case, all that is required is to observe and experience. It is what is chosen to be observed experienced that determines what is observed and experienced and so choose many things, and many things will be seen. When the intention is to have a boat, it causes an inspiration in a person suited to build boats to get into the boat business. It also inspires all the necessary events and middle people to take part appropriately to bring about having that boat. Do not make the mistake of making the goals only in money terms. Wealth is abundance expressed and abundance means plenty of everything. Money is only a small aspect of wealth. Many people ‘fail’ to get wealthy because they plan their goals in terms of money only. They say something like ‘make enough money to buy that car’ or ‘make a million shillings to buy a house’.
Imagine that it was possible to open a person’s mind up for examination. Now imagine there were two people, Odongo and Otieno, and they both wished to become wealthy. Otieno wished to have a billion shillings and that is all he thought about. On examination, Otieno’s mind also showed few images of something else. Even concerning his business or job, there were few images or goals related to customer numbers, quality, products, and so on. There were also few images and goals on all other aspects of his life. Otieno just had a strong wish, desire and goal of becoming a billionaire. Now Odongo also wished to be wealthy. However, unlike Otieno, he also had cultivated many interests and desires in all aspects of his life. His mind, on examination, was full of vibrant images of a wide variety of many other things. It even had specifics on small details such as the clothes he wished to have, places to travel to, the decorations in his offices, ways he wished his customers treated, gifts he wished to give to his loved ones and the rest of the world, and so on. Now the question is, all other things held constant, who do you think became wealthier and in a much easier and seemingly coincidental and lucky way? Odongo, of course, will be the wealthier and in an easier way.
Life ensures that all of a person’s mind’s images that are held true and clear are fulfilled. It is very hard to visualize and hold fast in the mind a billion shillings but it is extremely easy to visualize the lifestyle and business of a billionaire! Do not separate the financial life and goals from the rest of life, for the financial goals are only a means to an end, not an end in them.
Without vision we perish. – The Bible
A major reason why people fall out of riches is that their goals reduce and images of their mind fall. Sometimes this happens when something new comes into their life and they forget their original passion that got them wealthy in the first place. This new thing could be the birth of a child, the finding of a love partner, and the achieving of comfort especially when a person comes from a poor background and gets rich, and so on. None of these things is ‘bad’, but it is good to know and keep in mind that if ‘going down’ sets in, goals and mental images should be re-examined. That is a powerful start to finding out what is happening to life, for life is images of the mind, expressed.
Read many magazines on all topics. Magazines give ideas, images, goals, desires and much more. The more images of mind acquired, the richer the life will be. This wraps up our journey into thinking in the right way for wealth. Images, thoughts and goals need to be in a certain way. They then need to be fitted into the bigger picture. In reality, thinking is step two of the wealth creation process, but it is the most often involved active step in wealth creation. Never, ever, forget, however, that thinking is step two of wealth creation and step one is being, first cause. Some of the benefits of reading magazines and journals are:
i. Keeping up with changing trends
ii. Increasing knowledge in a niche area
iii. Helping in passing time without wasting it
iv. Reducing stress by concentrating on what is being read
v. Increasing vocabulary
vi. Enhancing power of visualization and imagination
vii. Causing inspiration and motivation
viii. Developing the ability to sustain a conversation in well read circles
Chapter Five
5.0 Being
Being is a state, such as being happy. Happiness cannot be done but can only be felt. Being causes thinking; which cause speaking; which causes doing; which puts in place the system to receive and experience what is created in being and thinking. Being is the first cause and that is what causes thinking. A person, who is happy, will think happy thoughts. Thoughts spring from being. In other words, thoughts are sponsored by being. In fact, nothing happens without being. Happy conditions do not make people happy but it is being happy that causes happy conditions. Unhappy conditions only show up to prove pre-existing state of unhappiness.
The first step to experiencing massive wealth is being wealthy. Being wealthy is an internal state and has nothing to do with the outside world and do not try to get happiness but be happy. When a certain state is chosen right now, it activates the fastest forces of creation and it should be remembered that, thought comes from being. A state of being is what causes thought. A state of hunger causes thoughts of hunger. Be wealth, believe it, and make it as that, no questions asked and the universe will obey.
One way of creating things in this world is by thoughts, words, and action. But this is the slow way to go about things. The faster way is by change of state of being. For example, when somebody is hungry, that is a state; when confident, that is a state. To acquire wealth, it is much, much more effective to be in a state of wealth, to make being one of wealth, to feel wealthy and to think wealthy. Speak and act wealthy. It is hard to become wealthy if there is a feel of being poor. To get wealthy outside, get wealthy inside using the sort of information in books like this one. To get to billionaire status, raise the images and certainty to equivalent levels, and act with such certainty, with the purpose of infusing the actions. Wealth is a whole lot easier to acquire than most people think. It is simple but the hardest part of wealth acquisition is the taming of own mind; a thing that is totally within our own control. It is correctly said that success is something that is attracted by people.
Thinking has its position. Thinking is a tool, just as an arm or leg is a tool. People do not use the leg all the time but they are only used when necessary. The mind is a powerful tool as it makes many things possible. It is so powerful that it often takes over us but it should only be used when necessary. Research has shown that about 90% of our thoughts are repetitive and most of these are worries about the future or re-living the past which is clearly unnecessary. The only real moment is now. Escaping now is the cause of much tension and ‘failure’ and trouble in our world.
Remember, the future does not exist but only in the mind. Even when thinking of the future, think of it now. Be the observer of thoughts. The mind is a powerful and beautiful tool, but never identify with it. Use it to think in the right way, and turn it off when it is not in use. Being is the first step, first cause followed by thinking, then speaking and writing (words), and then acting. Speak as you think. Simply look at what has been said about thinking and apply it to speaking. Words are very important as they are thoughts expressed and they have a tremendous impact on creation.
Chapter Six
6.0 Acting
Once upon a time, a certain old man had a dream. He was sitting on a small stool about 6 inches high, and this old and very friendly but vigorous man was sitting on a bigger stool, teaching children some lessons. He said, ‘this world cannot be run by actions. It can only be run by the ‘word’ and the nice dream ended. It took about two years for him to fully understand what that meant. Through experience, testing and a lot of reading, it finally became simply clear that actions are the last component of the creation processes. It is a little like a competitive marathon race, which cannot be won only by knowing how to run vigorously and barely make it from the start to the end. The marathon race winners are the ones who prepare their spirit as they are confident, motivated and focused. Their minds and techniques are also prepared. Action in the race is the most noticeable bit of their total winning package, but it is the final part of their creating winning dash. The law of attraction works with your action. Action on your part is required to attract what you want. By thought, the thing you want is brought to you and by action, you receive it.
Acting only puts into place the system necessary to receive and experience what can be created in being, thinking and speaking. Most people do not focus, nurture and tend to their first three steps of being, thinking and speaking – all they do is work like crazy all day and wonder why they are not ‘successful’. They do not use the word which refers to the laws of the universe, the way the universe works, on all levels, not just the visible and physical. These laws of the universe are not God’s commandments but are simply the laws that regulate and enable the universe. These are laws that work not only spiritually, but can also be proven scientifically using quantum physics. These laws have nothing to do with a particular religion or any person but the laws of the universe apply equally and unfailingly to everyone and everything at all times. These are laws such as the law of cause and effect called reaping and sowing in spiritual teachings, or the energy conservation laws in science.
Always do an excellent job and focus on the task and produce excellent value from it. Do this no matter how small the action seems. Even the smallest action has the potentiality to be the cause of the greatest next opportunity. In this universe, absolutely everything is a cause for another thing and is caused by something else. Even the smallest action may cause a previously unrevealed big thing that is needed. Even an action as small as a smile and good service can cause the opening of a relationship and doors that were never thought possible. Ideas are worthless without action as action makes it possible to receive what is coming on the way from the intentions. Intention initiates creation of wealth but action enables reception of it. Even the smallest action may be what is needed to move somebody to great wealth. Everything counts; every act counts and every act defines the next world.
If a person is not in a perfect business, he should not wait until he reaches there. Start now in the current one and move gradually to the best that is being aimed at. This is the same with location, knowledge, etc. Start now; do not wait until things are ‘perfect’ before acting. If you want to marry, then marry now instead of waiting to get prepared to take care of a family. Stop reacting and start creating as opportunities increase as they are taken. Advantage should be taken and it will open up previously hidden paths to more opportunities. As can be seen, acting is not difficult but the easiest part of creation. It is the seeds and roots that create fruits and bad seeds and bad roots would produce bad fruits and vice versa. If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the seeds and roots because if you want to change the visible, you must change the invisible first. It is what is underground that creates what is above the ground and therefore what is invisible creates what is visible. What you cannot see in this world is more powerful than anything you can see and anybody in doubts should try electricity which cannot be seen and feel the consequences. The only place where success comes before work is dictionary.

Chapter Seven
7.0 Certainty
Certainty, faith, belief, is a necessary part of creating wealth or anything else like acquisition. It is that which gives the universe a go-ahead to do as wished to be done. Nobody can be happy if he is not sure that he is happy. Goals cannot be created without certainty, not only in their accuracy but also in their coming to reality and even speaking and acting without certainty is powerless. Many teachers in many religions and ages have taught us that to have faith is to be certain and this is not new. A person can neither speak nor do faith but can only be faithful and the way to do that is to simply decide to be certain and let no other contradiction come in. Persistence breeds faith as persistence can be used to increase faith and through faith, by persisting, even when it looks like it should be given up. Much cannot be achieved without persistent as persistence is a slight step ahead of faith, but every step that persistence takes has to be followed by a step in faith. Persistence, literally, pays because nothing is truly impossible.
If an army uses a boat to cross a lake for a fight; then the commander should burn the boat immediately it lands at the intended place so that no single soldier can retreat. What remains would be either to wipe out the enemies or perish and that way they would fight intelligently to win the war. Remove all thoughts of doubt and fear and never entertain them even for a moment. Be mindful, watchful and aware of the thoughts by simply deciding to be so. There are enormous and incalculable opportunities available. In the real sense, it is not that God rewards those with faith but what happens is that the universe moves the universe’s building blocks around quantum particles, depending on the information it receives and the certainty of that information.
Fear is false evidence appearing real. Being broke is temporary and it carries with it some immense lessons and opportunities for positive change. Do not fear going broke. It is not necessary to go broke, but becoming broke should not worry anybody. Fear of going broke is a terrible disease because it takes away the opportunities for growth; prevents people from trying new things, and it keeps them worried. Fear also attracts that, which is feared, and the fear of poverty creates poverty and yet, there is nothing to be afraid of except the fear itself. People who continuously worry about things are thinking and talking themselves into doubt. To create faith, repeat, repeat, and repeat positive affirmations repeatedly, every day, all day, and the subconscious will eventually believe.
Never worry as worry is fear; false evidence appearing real putting images in the mind. Life is images in the mind, expressed. Worry and fear put negative images in the mind and create that which to worry about and fear; an illusion that becomes real, and becomes physical eventually if perpetuated. Worry is a lack of all the facts needed in a particular situation. It is also the absence or suspension of certainty. It is misdirected and wasted energy. The best way to heal fear and worry is to face it and analyze it fully, break it down into its components, and see where the false evidence lies. Become aware and keep raising awareness in finer detail. This raises the confidence as truth is uncovered and that wipes out fear. Observe truly what works and what does not, and live the truth doing what observably works. Observe the truth; know the truth; think the truth; speak the truth and live the truth. Remember that before a problem even occurred, it was solved. Everything that can possibly exist already exists, right now, including all the potential ‘problems’ and their solutions. All that is needed to be done is to shift consciousness to experience portions of it as choices are made.

Chapter Eight
8.0 Cause and Effect
Cause and effect is the most important law of the universe which is a prime key to wealth consciousness. If this is lived by, then getting wealth is guaranteed. Wealth is created when tools of creation are correctly plugged and powered by faith, into the law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect is the prime law that runs the universe. Every spiritual and scientific teacher has sought to teach it as they may have said that people reap what they sow as life is about growth. . Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, illness is a result and your weight is a result as we live in a world of cause and effect. When you begin to understand how to think in a certain way, you will understand that your inner and outer worlds are only one world and that your inner world is in fact at the cause of the outer world. If a farmer wants crops of corn, then he must sow corn seeds, just as somebody who wants more money and wealth must sow thoughts of wealth and abundance in his mind.
Scientists now agree that nothing can be observed without being affected by the observer. In fact they have concluded that even their experiments must be done in a double blind fashion to get anywhere close to accuracy because the expectation of the scientists affects the outcome of the experiment. The thing being observed is created and re-created by the observer. Any business that deals with the increasing of people’s productivity and connectivity always becomes a very big self-sustaining business. It may not be a perfectly good business, but it is big and self-sustaining. Software, networks, transport, electronics, and such businesses improve people’s productivity and standard of living and in return, they grow. Even more magnificence will come our way when we start building businesses that deliberately are designed to give rather than receive. Future businesses will be designed to cause growth that is true growth and not growth with serious side-effects somewhere else. These businesses will cause elevation of populations from a lower standard of living to a higher one and elevations in their consciousness and well-being.
By knowing the cause and effect power of thought, then the future can be accurately predicted by looking at the thought of now. Fortunately, we have the power to change thoughts and alter the future. Ignoring this law has caused much suffering for the human race but following it, has caused much prosperity as well. There is no mysterious external force that causes random and wanton suffering. There is no such thing as bad luck as every single state of being thought, word, and action was caused by something before it, and will cause something after it.
It should be remembered that one very powerful way of getting something is to cause another to get it. Couple both of these and it will be seen how widely beneficial it is to ensure that even employees, business partners, family and even community and country and world, if they are interested, have access to educational material that allows them to build wealth consciousness in themselves. Peace is prosperity while war is not and peace should be promoted through fair trade, even when there is an opportunity to be unfair. People get inspired to start particular businesses or careers or passions or hobbies because they are at cause individually for their desires. The collective consciousness of the universe also has a hand in causing this inspiration as life always manifests images of the mind, and grants every sincere and certain desire without fail. The reason you have an idea is partly that others have caused it and that is how demand and supply works behind the scenes. If one thousand more people suddenly desire and believe they can have a certain type of poultry farming, with the appropriate level of desire and belief to go into, the poultry farming will have inspiration to create this activity and sell it to these people.
Chapter Nine
9.0 Conditions
If everything exists all at one go, right now, then it can be seen how conditions do not exist as real properties of the universe. Being wealthy already exists scientifically and spiritually. All that is needed is to shift your awareness and consciousness, to that part that is wealthy. There are no conditions of that part which exists; nothing can stop it from existing, because it is already there.
Some people who have never had a university education believe that to be wealthy, one has to have a university degree because they were told that and they hold it to be true. This limitation can be removed simply by dropping that construction and its belief in it from all thought. Many people have dropped it and succeeded tremendously. Millions of people around the world have succeeded wildly without a college degree, diploma or certificate. This is not to say that people should not go to university as universities have a very important role to play in the society in general.
Building a totally new and beautiful house can be done by dropping all previous constructions ever known. Calmness is true nature, perfect balance, perfect stillness, and perfect peace. It does not hide or suppress anything internally in order to show calmness. Calmness represents, and can be developed by, knowing, internalizing, practicing and living the laws of the universe, the laws of life, such as the ones in this book. Suffering indicates an error in thinking and often in the deepest moments of suffering is the biggest opportunity to find new truth. Most enlightened people have been able to eliminate suffering completely.
Conditions do not exist anywhere but they are created to create an environment that matches thoughts. They convert thoughts from symbols in the mind to actual experiences. The reality is that the universe contains all that there can possibly be, all held in the eternal moment of now, here but if you believe and think that you are poor, conditions will form around you to fulfill that belief and those thoughts. The way to fix being broke is to take on a state of wealth internally and think, speak and act from that perspective. Wealth is not created because of certain conditions but certain conditions are created because of wealth. Abundance is not created because of certain conditions but certain conditions are created because of abundance. Conditionality does not exist. People are not poor because of certain condition around them but conditions of poverty are around people because those peoples’ selves and thoughts are of poverty consciousness.
Some people always keep ‘failing’ in whatever business they try, because they keep bringing themselves the same circumstances and situations over and over again until they decide to re-create themselves anew, change their thought patterns, and change themselves into new, ‘improved’ beings. This can be illustrated by the story of the poultry farmer whose goose ran away. The farmer’s goose ran away and his neighbor, feeling sorry for this farmer, said to the farmer to say sorry that such a bad thing happened to him. The farmer replied that nobody knows what is good or bad. The next day, the goose that ran away came back bringing with it a herd of wild goose that it had befriended. The neighbor again congratulated the farmer for good fortune. The farmer replied that nobody knows what is good or bad. The next day the farmer’s son tried to play with one of the wild goose but the goose bit his leg. The neighbor again was sorry that such a bad thing happened. The farmer again replied that nobody knows what is good or bad. The next day government started recruiting youths to go and fight terrorists forcefully but the farmer’s son was left out because of injuries. This is story shows miracles work. For those who know and work with the laws of the universe, those who apply the law of cause and effect, who have certain goals and purpose and vision, then this magic works beautifully, bringing with it synchronous events, ‘coincidences’ and many other twists and turns that lead to the desired end. Always try to avoid judging things and people as this only slows you down and harms you.
Another reason for suffering is to know what not suffering is and how to get to the no suffering. In order to know what red is, you have to know what red is not. Imagine a robot that has never experienced the state of happiness or sadness. This robot may be very smart, very well programmed, in the knowledge of happiness and sadness. The programmer may ‘explain’ as much as possible what happiness is. But that robot will only ever know conceptually what happiness is. By experiencing happiness, happiness can be known and to do so there is need to experience, even if for a short while, the opposite of happiness, which is sadness.

Chapter Ten
10.0 Success
Concerning wealth, no condition has been more misrepresented than success and failure. Many people think of either succeed or fail. Failure is yet another illusion, and success is all that there is as this is such a profound truth that every effort should be made to understand. All of life is a success full of successive moments. ‘Failure’, when used without fear as a learning process, is what eliminates weakness and builds strength in thought and character. This new strength in thought and character is essential and critical to the future success that you seek. ‘Failure’ is truly a successive moment, a moment of success in its own right. Through ‘failure’, one learns how to succeed, and how eventual triumph tastes like. The most common cause of ‘failure’ is the lack of clear and focused goals and visualizations. Life is images of the mind, expressed and without images, there is no expression. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go some of your old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones. It is not enough to be in the right place at the right time but you have to be the right person in the right place at the right time. Your character, your thinking and your beliefs are a critical part of what determines the level of your success. If you are advancing, other people will be attracted to you. All great leaders understand that in order to be successful, they have to be surrounded by great people and the way they do that is by attracting them.
Often, in the darkest hour, lies the greatest opportunity for all. The worst moments are often the biggest liberators and the highest teachers. Do not fight and resist them when they come. Instead, look into them for the lesson they hold and the liberation they bring. Suffering is always an indication of an error in thinking. Through loss, the sweetness of gain can be known as without loss, there would be no gain. It is the struggling against loss and the preference of gain over loss that causes suffering and retarded growth. It is the acceptance of loss and gain as both gifts and fuel growth that will propel you to greater heights faster. At the point when you recognize the gains you got from the loss, you will see that the loss was really a blessing and that loss does not exist. Every loss has a gain, if only you accept and look into it for it and have patience. Loss is usually a result of either an error in thinking, in which case there is the opportunity to correct the thoughts and make massive gains; or not because of the thinking, but a new opportunity selected by higher self designed to take higher chance to discover a new, higher truth. Show kindness and forgiveness, rather than being oppressive when a chance is got. Always remember that at some level, whether conscious of it or not, the circumstances are chosen. Look with sincerity to find truth and look with no self-pity or mercy and call a spade a spade. Remember, it is a private exercise as no one will know and ridicule you, so feel free to be precise and honest with self.
Most people have been programmed to fear failure. They give up avoiding failure, or they do not even attempt just so that they may not fail. Failure, however, is an illusion. Failure, suffering, is an essential component to success. It is what helps you correct wrong thought if you approach it with an attitude of learning. Learn how to succeed through failure as by trying and failing, you refine your thought and point it closer to success and do not surrender. Through failure, success can be known and how to get there. Failure is an integral part of success. Failure is actually a successive moment that leads to ultimate success. Failure is not failure as such but only truly failure when accepted as the end. Life is a collection of experiences and the challenges make up part of the experiences. Challenges should be used to become better, and enjoy the rewarding and triumphant experience that follows every challenge. Every trial is a success that leads to the eventual desired outcome, the big success as the size of your success depends on the depth of your desire because if we are to achieve results that had never been accomplished before, then we must expect to employ methods that had never been attempted before.
Success is the price for those who stand true to their ideas as the starting point for any achievement is desire. Weak desire brings weak results just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. Discovery lies in seeing what everyone sees but thinking of what no one else has thought. The majority of people meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of what failed. All successful people are big dreamers who imagine what their failure could be; ideal in every respect and then work every day towards their distant vision, goal and purpose. Every man has two names thus; the one he is born with and the one he makes for himself. On the path to success always lies big O’s which some people interpret as obstacles and others interpret them as opportunities. Those who take them as opportunities end up being successful entrepreneurs. The habit of persistence is the habit of success; and it is always advisable to keep a window open in your mind for new ideas. The greatest glory does not lie in never falling but rising very fast at every time we fall down. This is the main spirit behind many successful entrepreneurs world over. Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting at all costs as great works are not performed by strength but by perseverance and people become successful the minute they decide to do so. The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labour.
Chapter Eleven
11.0 Want
There is good reason to watch words, thought, actions and states. Every state and thought is acted upon precisely by the universe, by law. Each word carries with it thousands of years of meaning and instructions on how it will be carried out. The word ‘jump’ invokes specific images in any person’s mind, along with the appropriate instructions to execute it. In regards to wealth, the most important word to watch out for is ‘want’ and all its equivalents. Wanting communicates to people and to the universe that something is lacking and that there is a state of not having it but wanting to have. The problem is compounded by the fact that wanting is a perpetual state as it has no finality. What is wanted can never be got. It only looks like people get what they want, but they never really do so. What actually happens is that very gradually they shift from the state of wanting to other states and then they get what they had wanted initially.
Unlike wanting, desire does not necessarily mean something is missing. Some people may think that they are the same, but there is a world of difference. Wanting is carried out with precision, and represents a perpetual state of not having. Desire is not a perpetual state of not having; it does not necessarily have to mean what is desired is lacking. Unfortunately, many people are kept away from what they want by such a simple little difference. The word want is a symbol that represents the state of wanting. It is therefore the state that should be avoided first. It is always better to desire, but never want.
A few dictionary definitions of the word ‘want’ are; to be without; lack; to be destitute or needy; a defect of character; a fault; to be absent; to be deficient or lacking; to fail; not to be sufficient; to fall or come short; to lack. What is communicated to the universe brings something that is wanted. The universe brings just that – absence and deficiency. None of these negative definitions is included for the word ‘desire’. Some dictionary definitions of the word ‘desire ‘are; to express a wish for; request. The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of any good, and impels to action or effort its continuance or possession; an eager wish to obtain or enjoy.
Learn to enable the co-existence of intention, certainty, and detachment in life and life will quickly become happy and wealthy. Resistance and frustration will slowly fall out and certainty and confidence will grow. There will be no failure to get wealthy if the goals towards wealth are clear and focused and certain, faithful and believe in. Certainty enables relaxation, knowing wealth is on the way, regardless of whatever the present moment may look like. Eliminate all forms of wanting. These include regrets about the past, wishing things are or were different, looking forward to, wishing, wanting and worrying. Never want anything as wanting makes the universe give the conditions that create a perpetual state of wanting. Have passion, have desire, have intentions, but want not. Eliminate the word ‘want’ in the language, and the state of wanting in thinking and being. Replace it with ‘desire’ and desiring.
Chapter Twelve
12.0 Purpose
Purpose is separate from goals. It is only by knowing and declaring purpose and holding it high every day that movement forward can be fast in the right direction, and have a great time doing so. The right question is why choose to come here on earth. Some people think it starts after being born. They believe that they did not have a choice whether or not to be born, but once they are here, they have free will to make choices in their lives. Others believe that free will is eternal, and it starts even before being born. Eyes tell that life starts when one is born, but something deeper tells us that this may not be the real beginning.
Unfortunately, so many people do not fulfill their purpose, largely because of the way our society and education is structured. Find purpose by spending some quiet time thinking what makes feeling so good, how much passion is available. Do not think of job descriptions or careers. Drop all those labels society has taught people to believe in. They are the number one reason why people do not find their purpose. Just ask “what makes some people go so happy doing?” It could be spending time with butterflies, or flying around the world making deals, or cooking, or speaking to people, or writing books. Once done, envision it, intend and make goals towards moving to a point of working, as a career, in the discovered purpose.
Start reading books and making goals and choices that will eventually take you out into a position that is butterfly related. Do not worry about money and all the other little worries you may start having as they will sort themselves out as long as you do not worry. And you will be very happy and successful once you work in your destiny or purpose; a destiny that you yourself chose before you were born here on earth. Your self-satisfaction will also rise and you will be making optimal contribution to the world at large. Sit down quietly and find out why you are here. You have a purpose. You may or may not know it yet. You can discover what it is by asking yourself this question and by being true to yourself. Your special talent is usually your purpose. Or it may be something you always felt, especially as a child, that you could do very well. Children often know their purpose but as they grow up the society and education system confuses them or it may be what gives you most enjoy. Your purpose cannot be in something that does not give you joy and satisfaction.
The best way to enjoy your work is to work within your purpose in life. Work within whatever you determine is your purpose in life – not your job or obligation, but that which you feel called from within to do, that which you dream of doing – and joy at work will be easy to experience. Everyone can work at a job or business that they enjoy, so long as they know what their purpose is and they work within it. When you align your thoughts fearlessly to your life’s purpose, you become a powerful creative force. When you are working within your purpose, work no longer becomes a ‘job’, it becomes a pleasure, and it becomes life. The boundary between work and fun vanish. You are not restricted to just one purpose because you are a multi-dimensional being. Joy is spirit being expressed in the ways it likes to and desires to. Purpose gives spirit that opportunity. Find your purpose that you chose for yourself and you will find love, joy, and wealth in your work and contribute optimally to society. One of the most powerful ways to get wealth is to give as it multiplies sevenfold back to you.
Chapter Thirteen
13.0 Giving
One of the greatest laws is the law of giving which states that give freely and happily. It is always advisable to form a habit of giving cheerfully before receiving. Whatever energy you give will come back to you in an amazing way. You may give away your time and it comes back to you much later from an unexpected source in an unexpected form in a way that benefits you greatly. The law of cause and effect guarantees that you shall receive plenty for what you give out. It is good to give what you have on your time, money, smiles, love, compliments and you will get back what you do not have. It is good to give graciously and receive gratefully as grace and gratitude are the energizing factors of giving and receiving anything.
Taking care of society and nature, ensures that everybody is taken care of in a sustainable manner. The goose that lays the golden eggs needs to be protected and nourished to ensure that it is healthy and lives longer for prosperity. It is necessary to assist others in the proportion and to the extent that you cause others to build their wealth, so that you can also build your wealth. Invest some money in financial services and institutions that lend money to others to enable them build wealth. This is a great way of taking care of society and makes it wealthy so that you may also get wealth from it.
The universe is all energy and giving promotes this energy flow, placing you in harmony with the powers of the universe. Whatever you wish to have, cause another being to have it first, and you will begin to have it in abundance. Give and you will receive in multiples and if you wish to have wealth show others how to have wealth, and soon you will become wealthier. What you wish to have, cause another to have. These lessons should be taught to friends who are interested in wealth creation. Form study groups or mastermind circles with them as it is well known that where two or more are gathered, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. An awareness that enables you to look out for and see all opportunities where you can give something freely and cheerfully should be developed and implemented so that you can give material things, your time, skills, or anything else.
Disregard the habit of thinking that you should receive something first before you give as that is not giving but an exchange. When you give someone something, freely and cheerfully, the universe, by the law, finds the best way to give back that energy in the form of something that you do not have currently. It gives you back in multiples, when it is most appropriate, in the most appropriate form in a magical manner because the more you give the more magic you create for yourself.
As life starts to work for you, a strong desire and persistence to give cheerfully and freely should be developed. In goal setting, remember to include several goals that are about free and cheerful giving as giving, under the law of cause and effect is one of the most powerful actions you can take. Develop giving a habit, instills a consistent and persistent giver and the universe will work for you in return. Work on the habit of giving until you get to the point where you enjoy giving and enjoy it thoroughly. The violation of the law of giving comes when you start expecting to receive something back. Demanding a particular reward back is a violation as it makes you “trading” minded rather than “cheerful and free giving” minded. The reward you receive will come from a source and a time and in a form that the universe finds best suited for you.
You are surrounded with abundant opportunities to give, but you only see them when you decide to start seeing them. Learn to receive graciously and happily and do not feel uncomfortable receiving. The trick to giving is not to force it upon those you give but allow them freedom of choice. Do not make any person depend on you as that would reduce their belief and ability in themselves. In order to have wealth and happiness in multiples, ensure that you never cease to cause others to have wealth as giving goes with receiving and what goes with that is gratitude.

Chapter Fourteen
14.0 Gratitude
Life is a gift and every person, moment and thing is a gift. It is only that we refuse to open the gifts hence we do not get the gift sent to us. All things come to those who are grateful. By law of cause and effect, your gratitude attracts that which you are grateful for. And you should be grateful even before you receive it because, by law, you know you will receive it. In fact, you have it even before you ask. Gratitude is an attitude and lack of gratitude slows down and inhibits the creative process. The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You fix your attention upon the common, the poor and your mind takes the forms of those things. Gratitude speeds that reception because it is a statement of belief as you are already enthusiastically and genuinely grateful, in a state of gratitude, because of what you will receive, or have received and are about to experience. The gratitude is there before you even ‘receive’ what you are seeking. Gratitude is the first step to receiving and experiencing. It is an affirmation that you know you will have it. Gratitude creates and grows your faith, in addition to doing the right thing to do. It is for all things in the past, present, and future works wonders.
The world just creates itself around you so that you may experience yourself and recreate yourself. So be grateful for every moment, thing and person. Remember, what you resist persists but gratitude negates resistance. Once you are grateful, you can look at everything clearly and see yourself. Another bonus of gratitude is faith. By being grateful now for things you have intended to experience in future, you become ever more certain that you will experience them, and this in turn brings them to you. It allows you to be excited about the future consciousness.

Chapter Fifteen
15.0 Consciousness
This book has been largely about wealth consciousness. Consciousness is observing your thoughts so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than run by programming from the past. It is being awake to something. Most people are unconscious as they just work and think on a superficial level of life based only on what they can see. They live strictly in the visible world. Wealth consciousness is being awake to wealth. Wealth has always been there but you may not have been awake to it. You cannot experience what you are aware of. Consciousness is the set of attributes and capabilities that enable you to be awake to a state of being or a set of experiences and therefore the earlier you wake up, the better. The material wealth of a nation is simply the manifestation of the collective wealth consciousness of that nation. That applies to any group of people, from families to corporations to continents and world. The least conscious person in a group of people will bring down the experiences of the most conscious. So, a wise person does whatever they can to raise the consciousness of the group at large so that they themselves may experience more. It is self-defeating to do nothing or to lower someone else’s wealth consciousness.
Many people who win lotteries end up worse off financially than they were before they won. They lose all that money in amazingly short periods, and end up even worse off because of the new debts and liabilities they accumulate. It is not money that makes a person wealthy but their wealth consciousness. People without wealth consciousness are unable to get wealthy, even when a huge sum of money comes their way in a lottery win. On the other hand, people with wealth consciousness cannot fail to have money and wealth for extended periods. They may go broke occasionally due to an error in thinking or a higher choice, but they always bounce back after falling down. They have no fear of getting broke, because they know even if it happens it is temporary and they are designed to come right back up.
You can take away all their money and within a year, they will be wealthy again, or at least be on their way to wealth. Luck has nothing to do with it. The greatest creative forces become available when your conscious, subconscious and super conscious selves are in harmony in their choices. You make them so by raising your consciousness and awareness to all levels of yourself. You can increase awareness of your subconscious choices by deciding to be aware by watching your thoughts. The Source of all creation is a field of infinite possibilities and creativity. When we are conscious of that and believe it is so, we tap into this field of infinite possibilities and our inherent creative abilities. You must have wealth consciousness that knows no poverty. Work on it until the idea of poverty is a laughable idea to you.
You create money by increasing your value inside you. You do that by reading books like this and by remembering your true self that is in the image and likeness of the source. Abundance is by nature. You then experience money by exchanging the value you have built in you. Exchange it with others by providing services, goods and money to others in exchange for their services, goods and money. Remember that people have a unique purpose or ability within them. They fulfill part that ability or purpose by creating something out of and by it, using their internal values. Build wealth by building your inner value. Experience wealth by carrying out your purpose and ability using that built up inner value. It all lies inside you. To build external wealth, build internal value then exercise it. The biggest components of internal value are; faith or certainty, imagination, inquiry, and focus that are instantly available to everybody. Activity, taking action, translates inner value into outer value a material wealth.
Wealth follows those with wealth consciousness and not the other way round. Wealth consciousness comes from states and thoughts of prosperity and wealth full of confidence. It does not allow any moment at all to think poverty thoughts of limitations, doubt and scarcity, nor to have states of fear and disbelief. The earning of money has nothing to do with the direct manipulation of the papers you now call money. It has all to do with wealth consciousness. Wealth is a predictable result. The causes of wealth are predictable and accessible to all without exception. To the extent that you have wealth consciousness inside of you, outside things will enable you to experience wealth, or hinder you from experiencing wealth. This is the same for happiness. To the extent that you have happiness inside of you, outside things will enable you to experience happiness, or hinder you from experiencing happiness. And it is the same for everything else such as peace, love, non-judgment, non-condemnation, non-segregation, and so on.
The collective consciousness is very influential on your own wealth and happiness. You create many of the events in your life. But some events, especially the large events, happen because of the thoughts and consciousness of people around you in your society and world. You as an individual matter a lot to the whole, and vice versa. Your extent of wealth and happiness is co-determined by yourself and everyone else. Nobody can stop you from being happy and wealthy because only you alone choose to experience everything as good or bad all on your own and no one can possibly take away that internal choice from you.
The advancement of just one individual in society causes a series of advancements of varying degrees for all others in society. So to raise yourself, raise others and you will automatically rise as well. Even telling a few people is enough, but telling as many as you can tell shall shift this universe dramatically. Use the Internet, email and Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging on your mobile phone. We have invented these affordable communication networks around the world as a testimony of our increasing realization that we are one, and as a tool to keep growing in that realization. So use these networks, remember them. One of the best ways to become wealthy and happy is by practicing meditation every day as it puts you in touch with your higher self. Start meditating, and one day, you will have this happen to you and it creates more knowledge
15.1 Knowledge
All other things held constant, to the extent that an individual or society has and develops wealth, health and happiness consciousness in them and in those around them; they have wealth, health and happiness. There are two kinds of knowledge; general knowledge and specialized knowledge. General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of no use in the accumulation of money. The faculties of the great universities possess in the aggregate, practically any form of general knowledge known to civilization. Most of the professors have but little or no money. They specialize on teaching knowledge but do not specialize on the organization or the use of that knowledge. Knowledge will not attract wealth unless it is organized and intelligently directed through practical plans of action to define the end of accumulation of wealth. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that knowledge is power.
Knowledge is only potential to power and it becomes power only when and if it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end. This is the missing link in all systems of education known to civilization today that educational institutions fail to teach their students. How to organize and use knowledge after they acquire it is very important. An educated person is not necessarily one who has an abundance of general knowledge or specialized knowledge but is one who has developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants or its equivalent without violating the rights of other people. You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world but if your “blueprint” is not set for success, you are financially doomed. Apple does not fall far away from the tree. And any educated person knows where to get knowledge when needed and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action. It is not essential to have this knowledge in his mind but put together a knowledgeable team to achieve any desired goal and self satisfaction.

Chapter Sixteen
16.0 Self
Your Self, your spirit, or your soul, is the real you but the rest are just tools. Your personality, body and ego are just temporary tools, that which will always remain even after you drop everything else. Any state you find yourself in must be caused by self. Your thoughts come from your Self. Your desires come from your Self. Nothing can exist outside of spirit; nothing can exist outside of fife and even wealth has first cause. Now you see why it is crucial to know what spirit is, so that you may know how to be more in tough and aware of first cause in your life so that you may create the experience of wealth and happiness in your life.
People attract what they are, not what they want. They attract what they love and what they fear. They sustain what they judge and condemn. What they resist persists. What they accept and examine mindfully releases them. What they truly believe is what becomes real in their lives. Look at the light and you will never see the dark. Change is the only constant in the universe. Everything changes at every moment. Life is all about change and change brings growth. You will one day leave even your own body. You can never truly own anything here on earth. Thinking that you own something results in that thing owning you. The thought of ownership causes resistance to change, resistance to the workings of the mighty universe in its infinitely intelligent fashion. The minute you start thinking you own something, it owns you. In order to enjoy and use prosperity and wealth wisely and fruitfully, you should replace the idea of ownership with one of temporary custodianship of something, or having the use of something, of keeping something, of taking care of something. This is what puts you ready to go with the flow without loss and suffering when the time comes for change to work its inevitable ways. So much suffering is caused by resistance to change.
Resistance to change shows that a person either believes that it is possible not have a thing or to lose something. With faith, everything is possible and calmness is the fruit of wisdom acquired over time. Calmness affords true control and precision of thought. Fear of the unknown is paralyzing, yet totally unnecessary. Only in the unknown can you find growth, freshness, and creation. The known, the past, is already experienced as it is gone. A past moment is a moment gone, lingering only in our memories! Sometimes we keep recreating on the past, over and over again, sustaining it out of fear of losing it. But new growth, new creation, lies only in the unknown. Learn to love and cherish the gift and power of the unknown. Choose this, and you will find yourself traveling on a wonderful journey of exploration and growth. Remember always that your Self knows everything as nothing is unknown to it. It is only your ego, with its limited vision of space-time, which knows only fractions of the all. Trust your spirit as your Self can never harm you. You are your Self, not your body and ego. All suffering is caused by fear and by believing strongly in the illusions of this world.
The unknown carries tremendous opportunities, knowledge, potential and rewards. Step into it often and consistency of purpose. Curiosity; Confidence; Courage; Cheer and Certainty of intention are essential parts of wealth creation. Question everything and rule out nothing. Be willing to suspend everything you know. You cannot discover new things until you stop telling those new things what you think they should be. Let them tell you what they really are! Exercise your body daily. Your body is an energy system and an extension of your mind. Exercising opens up the energy channels in your mind and body. Remember, thought is energy, and your mind is all over your body, in every cell of your body, not just in your brain. Exercising your body, every day makes your mind and thoughts a great deal better.
Change is the only constant so it should be loved and embraced. To the extent that a person has and exercises their wealth consciousness, that person finds himself in the company of opportunities, businesses, situations and people that enable her or him to manifest into physical, the amount of wealth consciousness he/she has and choose to exercise. What some people call luck and coincidence is the precise execution of an infinitely intelligent universe that works in amazing ways to fulfill exactly what we imagine ourselves to be, believingly. You are your own luck and the magic. Growth and evolution is what life is all about. Clinging on to a thing is not only futile but harmful. You cannot win a game where you resist change. You will become its master instead of its slave. The truth will set you free.
Life is all about growth, expansion of consciousness. Life, the source, never has it by design or plan that you should not expand your consciousness. In fact, the whole design of life is for consciousness to keep expanding. It is in the whole universe’s best interests that you expand your consciousness, including your wealth consciousness. Life seeks to express and experience itself to enable that evolution and growth. Once you have wealth, you have freedom to explore many other aspects of life you would not have had a chance to without it. The true nature of all life is to increase life and anything to the contrary of that is a going against life. Your desire for wealth is very natural and necessary for you to move on to higher steps. Ancient texts have often said that it is the desire of God that you get rich, and nature is friendly to your plans, so long as you are in harmony with it.
Everything else outside of you exists, in a most clever way, to help you know yourself and re-create yourself anew. Without short people, a tall person would never know they were tall. Without a ‘bad’ person, a ‘good’ person would never know they were so and vice-versa. You need a frame of reference, and an opposite, to know what you are and to choose what to become next. The day you start seeing everyone and everything as a bringer of a certain gift for you, and you seek to find out what it is, and you realize you are also there for their self-definition sake and you willingly give them as they ask, is the day you will start moving very rapidly towards more wealth.
Love yourself, your customers, your world, your family, everyone and everything. Love is the strongest power. So, you wish to be wealthy. ‘I am a 28 year old female, Kenyan, short-tempered but happy, sometimes doubtful but generally confident’. Your parents gave you a name; you acquired your habits, personality and disposition over time. You were born with few of these things, and you were conceived with none of them. They are not the real you, your Self. They are ‘jackets’ you wear over your Self; jackets that you take off as time goes by and some you take off when you leave the earth. It is important to recognize that, just as we said and saw that you are not your circumstances, you are also not some of the things you have all along thought you were. These ‘jackets’ are helpful and useful, but sometimes they hold you back. People who identify too much with their jackets, especially negative ones, place themselves in a prison, a box, a position where they are unable to step outside the box for fear that their self will be violated, or their self is not capable, while all along it is not their true Self.
Imagine that you were born in a very rich land where everyone was super-wealthy, no one lacked anything, and all desires were fulfilled instantly. It would be impossible to experience the thrill of having wealth. You would know you were wealthy, but this would be meaningless because you have never compared it with being poor, and have never risen out of poverty and become wealthy. You would need to first become broke in this super-wealthy land, then, appreciate how uncomfortable that felt, then work your way back to wealth and feel the thrill and experience of wealth. You cannot experience something, even if you know it, unless you create the experience of its opposite. This is the purpose of the earthly physical experience. If you ate your favorite food all the time, at every moment you wake up and sleep; your entire eating experience would be comprised of eating that one favorite food and you would finally know no other eating experience and the favorite food would cease to thrill.
Simply being aware of who you really are will change your life amazingly to the positive. You are spirit with a body, personality and ego. You are not a body, personality and ego with a spirit. Definitely most importantly, have joy in your life. Lighten up, do not take things so seriously, do not be too hard on yourself and others, and let joy into the lives of people. Joy is natural, it is the soul expressing itself, and it keeps the energy circulating, and makes the whole ride worth it. Decide at all times to not worry, to not get frustrated, to not wish you were somewhere else doing something else, and to not fear. All these are statements of not having, and they perpetuate the state of not having. Before you do anything, always ask yourself, is this who I Am, is this who I wish to define myself into. Nothing happens around you that you are not wholly or partly a cause of at some level of your whole Self, even though you may not be conscious of the choices you are making that are causing your world.
Your soul communicates with your mind though your body using feelings and intuition. Listen to your feelings and intuition always if you wish to speed up your growth and reduce unnecessary setbacks and suffering. You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. You are a soul, with a body, a mind, a personality and an ego. Knowing this and knowing what a soul is makes a huge and empowering difference in the acquisition of wealth. Meditation places you in direct contact with the unified field of consciousness, the unified mind, and infinite intelligence. Through meditation, a completely new world will open up to you. Through meditation, you will find calmness, wisdom and inspiration. It is yet another way towards wealth, and many other things. It is the home of infinite wealth consciousness, and you are welcome to it any time.
Inspiration and desire come from the soul, seeking expression and manifestation into the physical world. One fast track to get to where you are going is to pay attention to your desires and inspirations. Develop your intuition. Mind, body and spirit are all connected. One way to think of it is to see the mind as the subtlest part of the body, and the body as the most solid part of the mind. By living in this knowledge, by treating mind, body and spirit with equal importance, care and attention, you grow fastest and get wealthy fastest.
Your Truth is always truest to you. Truth is personal, and ever changing. Even though you should surround yourself with experts, advisors, and good books, always follow what rings true to you. Do not follow external sources blindly but check them with your Self. The Source always talks to all of us through all forms of internal and external communication. It is us who shut out that communication. Start paying attention to the movies you watch, the TV shows you see, the magazines you read, the people you talk to, the events of life that you watch, and the intuition you have. All these, and many more, carry messages for your advancement, messages from the Source. Simply be open and willing and act as if you are already wealthy. Become unstoppable by refusing to stop.
According to Robert S. (1976), it is like wrestling a gorilla where you do not quit when you are tired but you quit when the gorilla is tired. You have more potential in you than you can possibly use up in an entire lifetime. Stop making up excuses and believing in limits and by our inherent nature, we have limitless potential and abilities. ‘I cannot’ does not exist, it is an illusion. Nothing outside yourself can hold you back. Your soul is that part of you that is closest to God, the source. Your soul speaks to your mind through feelings and intuition. Listen to your feelings and intuition. Honor them over any conflicting thoughts and emotions. Be careful though, because some thought and emotions camouflage themselves as feelings. But be still and you can distinguish between them. The desires that you suppress become depressions. It can sometimes lead to unhealthy ways to fulfill those suppressed desires. Express your desires and you create life and joy. Persist in following your feelings and intuition. They are your closest communications with the source.
‘I am’, should be the way of making statements. You need nothing outside of yourself to be wealthy and allow others to keep and express their freedom. Stop choosing what has been chosen for you by others and start choosing your own. Meditate every day, even for just 15 minutes twice a day. This connects you with the Source and lets you know your true nature, brings inspiration, and shows you the ultimate reality. You are who you say you are and experiences are within you, not outside. No experience exists outside of the person experiencing. Even what you would consider a terrible event is joyous to someone somewhere. The point is, choosing to experience things positively shall lead to your life being positive. The meaning of everything is the meaning you give it and your experiences are what you say they are. The next time a situation comes up, see it as the illusion it is, decide the experience you will have of it, and then re-create yourself anew so that the illusion changes to your liking. This is so for financial situations and all other situations in life.
A healthy person is usually in a better position to create wealth. Health is an indication of agreement between your body, mind and spirit. Lack of health is caused by a disagreement between these three: for example, a mind with negative thoughts and anger causes an unhealthy body. A body that is not rested, nourished, exercised and kept free of toxins kills the mind. Listen to, notice and honor what signs your body, mind and spirit give you. A daily combination of exercise and meditation raises your energy levels and positive emotions, leaving you in an extremely powerful position to create wealth and growth. You become more conscious of your unconscious aspects by raising your awareness. As you enrich your inner self with enlightenments, your outer self will grow correspondingly richer, yet you will become more and more indifferent to riches, and riches will let go of their obsessive hold on you. You will finally become a naturally and automatically wealthy person with the carefree abandon of a child, and you will enjoy freely.
Desires indicate to you things that you have a built-in ability for. You may never have piloted an airplane before, but if you have a desire to do so, it shows you that your Self has the ability and nature to be able to learn and pilot a plane. Desire also indicates which parts of you that are calling out for attention and evolution, growth, or working out to perfection.
Desires arise from spirit and spirit chooses just the right sequence of events to arrive at a desired end. Remember, you are your spirit, so these are your choices. But you have many components and levels, some that you are not conscious of unless you choose to be. Fear is in the world of ego, so is emotions and non-detachment and fear is false evidence appearing real. Emotions are past conditioning they are reactions instead of creation, and life is about creation. Non-detachment raises out of fear, out of illusion that loss and failure is an actual existence.

Chapter Seventeen
17.0 One
Hinduism taught it in a different way. Buddha does the same in a different we have refused to listen. Everything is all one, the same being, individuated in different guises. In other words, everything is a localized point in and of the source. Nothing can possibly exist outside of and separate from the source, God. Tao did the same in a different way. Jesus and Mohammed taught it, in a different way. Quantum physics teaches it in a different way. Just about every spiritual teacher, sage, quantum physicist and religion teaches us, in its own different way, that we are all one and by acting in that awareness we move forward fastest, most richly and least painfully but they are only great tools when used as tools. When they are believed in as realities instead of illusions, they destroy and cause unnecessary suffering and inadequacy.
Once you realize, feel, and act from the position of oneness, you will start seeing that you are already one with all the things you desire, and with all the people and things that will bring wealth to you. You will see that you are the one making the request for your desires, the same one communicating that request, the same one fulfilling that request, and the same one experiencing the manifestation of your request. The illusion that you are not the same one is there just for your thrill and experience.
You are one with the Source, and nothing is difficult or denied from, by, and to the Source. The universe is friendly to your desires as nothing is impossible, if only you believe. You can never permanently own anything on earth. Life is change and one is all there is. Your leg can play with your hand for a while, but it cannot own it. This works the same way with you and the rest of life. When you think you own something, you chase it about to prevent the loss of it, a chase that is fruitless and hence, it owns you. Instead, think of yourself as a custodian of things until it is time to not be their custodian. Whether you like it or not, when the time comes or when your life on earth moves on, you will have to release all these things. Even your own body is eventually released from its present form. So enjoy, share, and have these things, but do not think that you are their owner.
Everything and everyone is connected as all life is one. What happens in Europe affects you, somehow, wherever you are and what happens with you, the thoughts you have and so on, affects everyone else everywhere, somehow. So, for your own sake, think, act and be as one. Superiority and inferiority is not in-built in people and things. Seeing things in terms of better or worse is a judgmental weakness. This is especially a weakness of nations, whereby one government will consider itself superior to another, especially economically and systematically. It is also a weakness of social classes. An extremely high amount of wars, corporate collapses and societal divide have been caused by the idea that ‘my way is better than your way’.
Disharmony is costly and never profitable on the long run for anybody. Harmony is extremely profitable. You can avoid disharmony by looking at everyone around you not as better or worse compared to you or anything else, but as different. One entity’s way is not a better or worse way but is just a different way. This is a much more peaceful and profitable approach to everyone and everything else. Being special is not the same as being better as an entity can be special, but that does not make better.
If you wish to always be in harmony with the incredibly powerful laws of the universe, simply act as if the whole universe is one unit with no separation between its seemingly separated components. Know how to handle a business opponent in a way that will profit you the most, act as if your opponent and you are one.
According to Susan J. (1957), there is no person alive who is not capable of greatly contributing to the well being of this planet as just changing your attitude can affect the world around you. It is in your best interests to do your part to ensure that people all over the earth have wealth consciousness and joy. Many thinkers and scientists are beginning to show that an individual’s thoughts affect the whole world’s thoughts. An individual is responsible for what happens in the world and to everyone on it. The ancient Greeks had a similar concept called Gaia. It has been mentioned by many philosophers all over the world, from ancient Greece by Plato, to ancient Asia and the Far East. Modern scientists and thinkers in various fields of science are also starting to study and show that we are all connected. These connections are being found in various forms and in various fields of science. If you wish to be wealthy, you can do so on your own but you can do so a lot easier and to a much larger extent, if you help the world attains wealth consciousness.
Chapter Eighteen
18.0 Abundance
It is advisable to spend your money gladly, cheerfully, and with excitement. Whether you are buying items or paying bills, be glad that you are doing it. Money runs away from those who feel it is in shortage; those who have negativity towards its use as nature is capable of giving you all your desires without losing anything. Scarcity is not real but it only appears where we chose to see it as usually mentioned in the economic sphere.
Thoughts of scarcity take away abundance from life. They manifest scarcity into the physical. To avoid scarcity, eliminate all thoughts of competition and instead choose creation. Competition is a statement to the universe that you believe your survival is at risk and there is not enough. So are thoughts of cheating, squeezing, manipulating and taking advantage of people, paying unfairly, coveting other people’s property, envy, and the like. These thoughts only create non-wealth consciousness and cause scarcity. You can get temporarily rich this way, but you cannot rise to your full potential this way and indeed, you may even fall. People are not poor because nature is poor but because their wealth consciousness is poor due to lack of creativity and innovation. Do not scare money away by saying and thinking there is not enough of it available.
Economics teaches about scarcity of resources because it was invented at a time when people believed in scarcity. This belief caused the world to be scarce, to perpetuate an illusion of scarcity and hence, the study of economics proclaimed that resources are scarce. Economics is derived from observation. Certain resources such as software, music or other digital content downloaded or broadcast cannot run out, no matter how many copies you download; there still remains that original copy that everyone can download. One copy multiplies as much as is needed without costing the maker any more money. We could re-grow the entire earth’s forests within in a few months during rainy seasons and through irrigation; create new water towers and do anything else we like so long as there is political good will. We should not therefore believe in the economics of scarcity but we can read them in theory to get wide knowledge even if is not true as it informs us on how economists think for comparative purposes.
There is an infinite source of supply. When you are not having what you would like, know that your thoughts are at fault, not the universe. Accept full responsibility honestly and make amendments. But never talk or think of lack or shortages, for in that thought is the cause of lack and shortages. Being broke is a temporary situation but being poor is a mental condition, a disease of the mind, and is more lasting.
Chapter Nineteen
19.0 Taxes and government.
Governments across the world have varied tax rates and sometimes taxes lead to high expenditures and it is necessary to engage the services of professional tax advisors to legally minimize taxes payable. Paying fair taxes in the tune of 10% of income to keep the government healthy should be done cheerfully as it keeps the society alive and functioning. Over the ages, religious leaders have taught that 10% tax is a fair amount but when the society is overtaxed and the resultant money is corruptly misused as a result of poor governance, then that is unfair treatment of tax payers.
We need a government because without it, society would not be able to organize infrastructural development, education, health, agriculture, security and provision of other services to the society. Government should set the right amount of taxes payable, and uses that money wisely without waste. We need to keep government alive and healthy to serve citizens well, without paying too much tax to the point that we do not have enough to invest and enjoy life, while government has too much and wastes it on activities such as perpetual corruption, misuse of funds, building weapons of mass destruction and the like.
Government was created to serve its people fairly, and when it ceases to act in such a way, then it becomes the biggest hindrance to development. Government is run by human beings capable of error and it can sometimes oppress instead of enhance; and it can sometimes waste instead of create. It can make laws that are unfair and unjust, even if it is only to a proportion of a population. That is why it is advantageous to structure affairs very early on in such a way that people are both within and outside of government control, instead of remaining totally within government’s control.
Military expenditure is the biggest total government expenditure worldwide and yet military expenditure does not circulate in the economy or benefit us as much as other expenditures. A nuclear missile built and never fired is dead money. It just stays in a silo waiting to be fired and yet, the day it is fired it causes even more destruction. Weapons just put us in a state of fear either way we look at it. The way to prevent war is not to build weapons but to eliminate many borders, divisions, and economic differences.
Freedom is sometimes the key to growing wealth and it can even save people from losing their wealth. This call to look offshore is not a call to greed and anarchy but one for freedom and fairness. If it is not guaranteed that government will be fair at all times, people should then guarantee that they can step aside or outside safely in the event that it is not. There is no point in taking an unnecessary and lethal blow to finances in the name of patriotism. Options enable choice as without options, no choice can be made and it is always good to ensure that there are options in everything.
In regards to wealth, the options should be to seek guarantee to travel at will when need be; to live in a place where there is happiness and safety and to handle finances in the way that best suits oneself and the society. The way to guarantee those freedoms is to have two legal passports from two separate countries; legal residency capability in two countries with unrelated jurisdiction and offshore bank accounts and offshore holding. Asset and income protection arrangements are much like insurance and therefore a house should not be insured against fire after it burns down but before.
Concerning general income, ways should be devised to ensure that about 10% of it is paid in taxes; about 10% given to charity; 10% invested in long term growth and wealth building investments and the remaining 70% used to live, grow and enjoy life. These ratios were designed, over the ages, to give the world the best growth and wealth possibilities for all. It is important to Keep accurate personal and business accounts and know what happens to money and where it goes and comes from. Knowing is the first step to mastery of anything, and not knowing where money goes is dangerous. If expenditure exceeds income, there would be downfall as it is impossible to plan and analyze the unknown. Do not let keeping of accurate financial records turn you into a person who believes that money is in short supply. Get surrounded with very wise advisors, associates and employees. The wise person keeps wiser counsel. Have wise counsel in all fields like business, accounting, tax, law, trusts, investments, etc. Pay them well, based on performance and give them bonuses when necessary. Remember, wealth usually flows to those with right knowledge, but the person who gets that wealth does not necessarily have to be the possessor of the knowledge. The wealthy person is often the one who brings together teams of knowledgeable people, even though he or she may not possess the knowledge personally.
19.1 Assets and Liabilities
We should be cheerful in our spending as it causes the increased income of others and drives the economy. The more we spend, the more the energy is exchanged, and the more we all get wealthy. Knowing the real difference between an asset and a liability is another key to wealth. An asset is anything that creates net wealth or net income for us. An asset is anything that puts more money into the pocket but a liability is one that takes money away from the pocket. By that definition, some of the items that people consider as assets are really liabilities. Homes on mortgage are liabilities as they are the banks’ assets. Cars are liabilities as they take more money away than they give back unless they are used to hasten business activities. Wealthy people have more assets than liabilities and the assets grow their wealth for. Always maintain more assets than liabilities; otherwise, you will have zero or negative wealth
If you wish to have that nice home, the way to get it is to first work on having an asset that produces an income that is high enough to finance it. So, get assets first, and use them to finance liabilities. Getting a job to earn money to pay your mortgage is not the way. That is called working for money, and it is an often unhealthy and dangerously trapping cycle to get into. Money should always work for you. The money you earn with your mind and hands, on your job or work, is to be used to acquire investments and assets. You should work for your assets and your assets work for your liabilities.
19.2 Luxurious Life
Live a luxurious life as life is image of the mind, expressed. Keep improving yourself and your environment and surroundings with luxury and beautiful nature. It is from what is around you that many of your mental images are formed, and you therefore should have a good source of mental imagery. Luxury and a healthy environment and nature breed more wealth by breeding higher images of the mind. Live in as much luxury as you feel comfortable and happy with. Take care of Mother Nature; the goose that lays the golden eggs should be properly fed. Do not pollute or destroy the environment, fast or slowly as that is killing the same source that enables you to be. People think that they can destroy the environment, for self-profit, and get away with it because it is future generations that will be affected. Sow good seeds, and you will reap.
A very important and fundamental key to wealth is multiple sources of income. Build multiple sources of income for your life. Multiple sources of income are key to financial freedom as they are a manifestation of dynamic, free and multidimensional nature. More accurately, make sure that each income stream is a business not a job. A job is something that requires you to be there for it so that it can make money for you. A business is something that once set up, does not need you to be there to keep going or growing. You may own a business that is a job for you. It needs you to tend to it and without your constant attention, it falls. Jobs take your time and freedom; businesses give you time and freedom. A person with multiple streams of income from multiple businesses ends up with free time that he or she can use to live well and to launch more businesses.
Teach wealth consciousness to your children from an early age. To have multiple sources of income, simply desire it to be so; make it part of your goals; visualize and start buying books, magazines and talking to people. The right businesses, investments and sources will then simply start coming to you. To make yourself really wealthy, cause the rest of the world to be of high wealth consciousness. There is more than enough supply to make the average person today into a billionaire with billionaire living standards, and make the billionaire of today into a multi-trillionaire. Let us find ways of introducing wealth consciousness education at every level of our education systems. Let us re-work the format of our economics, businesses, and news reporting to align with wealth consciousness. For example, there is really not much of a point in reporting on how much of a recession danger as this brings fear into the consciousness and causes worry.
Learn to multiply efforts and one of the best ways to do that is to delegate massively. Every person has certain unique capabilities but they also share many other things with everybody else as a person’s unique talents are what make the person and the world wealthy. Wealthy people usually look at themselves honestly and see what it is that they most enjoy and what it is that they are a whole lot better at than most other people. What they are best at may be strategy, marketing, innovation, horticulture, flying, driving, or anything else. The only other question is what it is that they really enjoy and cannot stop doing. All that matters is what they are better at, by far, than anyone else, and what they enjoy. Then they do only that thing and they delegate everything else. They do not worry that people will not do the rest as good as they would have done. If delegation is done to the right people, then the person delegating becomes more productive and hence wealthier. Increase the rate at which to get ideas by reading books and magazines every day for a few minutes each day.
Another way to look at making money is viewing it as a change of thought causing a shift in the way energy in the universe is exchanged. Historically, thousands of years ago, people were hunters and gatherers. This was a dangerous and unpredictable way to live. The desire to have more stability and safety caused human beings to think of the reason for chasing goats in the wild every day which led to the idea that goats could be kept at home and domesticated. Now, instead of chasing after the goat everyday in the forest, man brought the goats together in an enclosure and fed them the same grass from the forests. Even before that new idea, there was always an availability of grass, land and goats but no one had thought of changing their arrangement, of domesticating the goats. The idea simply changed their way of life and a desire for a better life caused a thought that caused betterment in the standard of living, using the same material that was always there.
The human beings desired to reduce their hardships by acquiring items they needed but did not have. They first did this by going to war with tribes that had these items. Then they desired a much safer way to acquire these items, which led to the idea that they could trade. Again, they improved their lives simply by re-arranging their thoughts, causing a change in the way energy in various forms was exchanged. Trade went along fine; the only problem being the long distances it took a person to carry a goat to exchange it with a bag of cassava in the next village.
The desire to exchange faster and more efficiently led to the idea that instead of everyone walking all over the place, they could instead meet at one central spot and show all their goods and trade and market was formed. All the ingredients had always ever existed, but the idea that it could be done had not. The desire for better caused the idea that caused a shift in the way energy forms were exchanged. Remember the law that says energy is neither created nor destroyed but it only changes form. A market did not drop from the heavens on these people but they simply changed their thought pattern and it was done.
Today, the desire to trade even faster has caused us to have currency markets and stock exchanges. Imagine the time when a trader had to walk for half a day to the market, sell one cow, and then walk back half a day home. Next came trucks, and farmers could drive several cows to the market and be back home early enough to do something else. We are born assuming, from observation, that a house is something that we shall automatically always live in and that we shall automatically have clothes and certain other things that were reserved for royalty back then. It does not even cross mind for a moment that there can be lack of certain things and yet people in the past struggled for generations to get those same things. We have the certainty that they did not have. The point here is to see the powerful effects of certainty on an individual level and on a wider scale. Certainty of thought causes massive shifts in the way energy is re-arranged. Emergence of the Information Technology has enabled young people to make massive amounts of wealth in short periods. People would become billionaires in few years, instead of taking several generations as it used to take. Young people are becoming millionaires every day and yet, nothing new has dropped from the heaven in recent years.
A major key to building wealth is in making money work for you, instead of working for money. Most Indians in Kenya do not work for money but money works for them instead. In most of their enterprises, it is the African employees who actually work for money by handling dangerous items which can hurt the Indians and these employees are paid for the services offered to the Indian businesses. If you work for five days in a week and spend all your income without investing any of it, you will have forever lost those five days of work forever. Wealthy people take a portion of the income from each day and put it into investments that grow on their own, automatically and without any further work, over a long-term period. That way, a portion of each day that you work for money ends up working back for you for many years to come. That is a major key to wealth, getting a percentage of your income every day to work back for you without your intervention.
I am also convinced that charities, instead of giving away food alone, should spend half of their contributions on distributing study material on wealth consciousness. After all, giving a man fish is very commendable, but showing him how to fish releases him from dependency and poverty and takes him to self-reliance, wealth and growth. It turns him from a receiver into a giver and earner. You can cause a great shift in the world’s wealth and happiness by doing one simple thing by telling a few people and pass the button and that act alone shall change the world, making it much more wealthy and happy. Use the Internet, face book, twitter, email and Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging on your mobile phone. We have invented these affordable communication networks around the world as a testimony of our increasing realization that we are one, and as a tool to keep growing in that realization and therefore use these networks and remember them.

“Wealth beyond Reason” by Bob Doyle
“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles
“Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale
“Wealth Consciousness” by Roger Lanphear